Interlude in Death
In Death, Book# 12.5
By J.D. Robb
ISBN# 9780425210628
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Eve Dallas has been forced by her commander to go off-planet to a police conference that’s being held at Roarke’s Olympus resort.  And she will also have to be a speaker while she’s there.  Peabody, Feeney, and Dr. Mira are all in attendance as well.

She quickly meets Commander Skinner, a retired police legend who doesn’t think to highly of her.  He wastes no time telling her that he believes woman have no place on the force and their job is to procreate and nurture.  Then, he has the audacity to ask her to help him bring Roarke down and even dangles captain bars in front of her as incentive.  When she decides to cut their conversation short one of his men man-handles her and tries to force her back to Skinner and she fights him off.

So imagine her surprise when the man that she struck is found dead in the stairwell later that night.  So now Eve is on a case in a place that she has no jurisdiction, but she is being allowed to help on the case as a courtesy.  She must find out who wants Roarke to go down so badly that they will kill innocent people to do it.

I’m not a person that really likes short stories so I wasn’t expecting a whole lot going into this one.  But I’m happy to report that I did actually enjoy it.  The story was condensed, but didn’t seem rushed at all.  Although I would have enjoyed an extra chapter or two or even if Roberts (Robb) had made it into a full-feature novel.

“You saved me, Eve.” He watched her blink in absolute shock. “What you are, what I feel for you, what we are together saved me.” He kept his eyes on hers as he kissed her.”

The previous books have dealt a lot with Eve’s past and this one pokes a little into Roarke’s with Skinner’s motive for going after him being to get payment for what Roarke’s father had done.  It makes Roarke look at his past and he even has a dream of his own about when he found his father dead.

This was a quick fun read and any In Death fan will happily eat it up!