With the Super Bowl on its way, scifiwire.com has put up a list of futuristic sports.

Maybe we’re jaded, but we want football players to wear jetpacks and rocket shoes. Seriously, would it be so hard to re-create the knuckle-whitening thrill of Cyberball, where a team had to make a first down before the ball exploded?

Pod Racing: What do you get when you mix a bunch of dumbed-down characters from Star Wars: Episode I—The Phantom Menace with moviegoers’ never-ending thirst for explosions? The futuristic version of NASCAR.

Why It’s Infinitely Superior to the Super Bowl:
Honestly, what is the chance that Peyton Manning is going to explode? Maybe if everyone in the stadium hummed the same frequency and it created some kind of reverberation in his skull that caused it to explode. But still, that’s only one explosion.

Quidditch: A bunch of excited kids fly around on brooms, hoping nobody notices that the rules don’t make any sense. Eventually, one of the kids figures out that the Golden Snitch is the only really important part of the game, and wins.

Why It’s Infinitely Superior to the Super Bowl:
Kids flying around at high speeds with a minimal amount of safety equipment? Once Harry Potter fills out and learns to body check, it’s going to be an awesome bloodbath.

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It sure would be exciting to see all these sci-fi sports in real life. I wouldn’t mind a Quidditch game 😉 What do you think?