In the Heart of the Fire

Nameless, Book #1

By Dean Koontz

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He doesn’t remember his own name, but in his line of work he doesn’t need to know it.  He takes on whatever identity he needs to, in order to get justice for those that can’t get it by legal means.

Sherriff Russell Soakes owns Worstead County.  He has family in high places, and other prominent officials in his pocket.  It allows him to be able to give in to his dark depravities.  He enjoys young girls and robbing them of their innocence.  Once he’s done with them, they’re never seen again.  And, he has no problem making whole families disappear to get his hands on a girl he wants.

He has his eye on ten year old Seraphina Demeter.  However, her mom is on to him and he’s going to have to take drastic measures to get what he wants.  But when the past is thrown in his face, he knows someone is on to him.  He considers himself a master planner and manipulator, but he never saw what was coming for him.

I’m not usually a big Dean Koontz fan and it’s also hard for me to get fully invested in a short story.  However, this book surprised me.  I really enjoyed Nameless and his vigilante ways (despite him saying he isn’t one).  It was nice seeing someone stand up for the little guy (or girls in this case).  And, he definitely has some serious backing that makes it all possible.

Sherriff Soakes is an evil man and he deserved what he had coming to him and so much more! 

I do wish this book had been a bit longer so we could delve into the story more and get completely immersed.  But regardless, I did enjoy it, despite it being so short, and I look forward to seeing what Nameless will tackle next!