Of course, Ashley Greene is incredibly gorgeous. Her character, Alice Cullen, is quite the same. Graceful, sweet, beautiful, and charming, Alice is a character that embodies the Shakespearian notion of life as a stage.

Another important feature about Alice Cullen is the fact that she has an impeccable sense of style and glamour. Throughout the novels, her interest in fashion becomes more and more explored, and we get to know Alice Cullen as the fashionista that she is by the time Breaking Dawn rolls around.

In ‘Twilight’, Alice’s style might’ve been a little underplayed. ‘New Moon’ seems to be vamping up that presentation. This photograph, thanks to Twilighters Anonymous and the Lion Lamb Community, shows a much more fashionable Ashley Greene as Alice Cullen.

Trimmed with all of the accessories and extras known to be regarded by Greene’s character, it is clear Alice’s clothing prowess is coinciding nicely with the development of that factor in the book series.

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What do you think about Alice’ new style? Do you prefere her look in ‘Twilight’ (left picture) or in ‘New Moon’ (right picture)?