Chapters 7-9
By Katie

On the way to the restaurant all Ever can think about is Riley. And how rude she was, making a comment about There Mom and Dad. But all that goes out of her mind as soon as they get inside the restaurant. It really was as fancy as Riley had said. At the table Sabine and Ever tried to make small talk, but neither are really good at it. But all of a sudden Sabine was reaching over and touching Ever’s hand. This sent a jolt of lonesomeness through Ever and she ran to the bathroom. When she finally came out, Ever continued with the small talk and was asking Sabine how her life was doing. When they where done eating, Ever was waiting outside, when someone tapped her shoulder. It turned out to be Damen, he complimented her on the outfit, but when Sabine asked him over to hand out, he said he had to get back to his friend. Ever noticed that she was aura-less like Damen. But before they parted ways, Damen reached over and pulled a tulip out from behind her ear. The whole way home, Ever was puzzled by the tulip. During the night, Ever got woken up, she was sure it was Riley. But she was tired and told her to leave. A few minutes later she heard more noises and gave Riley this long speech on how she wanted her to leave. She then decided that now she was up for good. That’s when she realized that the voice wasn’t Riley’s.

Damen comes over and says hi to Ever and that’s when she realizes she was dreaming. Damen and Ever start talking about, Sabine. And that’s when Ever finds out that Damen is emancipated, she thinks it’s super cool because she has never met anyone before who was emancipated. Damen asks about Ever’s parents and she tells him that there dead. But then the teacher walks in and they don’t talk anymore until lunch. Haven walks up and finds Damen comforting Ever, which pisses her off. But she soon gets over it once she has Damens attention. They start talking about Havens new friends that she met at some club. That has ‘real’ vampires. While Haven is gushing over her new friends, Ever asks Miles about his weekend. And he gets upset about his newest crush and what a liar he is. He sent him a picture and it turns out that he sent Miles a picture of Damen.


Quotes –
“You look amazing, I almost didn’t recognize you without the hood.” -Damen, page 44

“Because it’s me” – Damen, page 53

“Who do you think taught Picasso?” – Damen, page 57

Questions –
Why do you think Haven is getting so upset that Ever is talking to Damen all the time?

Damen just moved to town, how would he know about the club?

How would Damen know where Ever’s scar was?