People Magazine’s Sept 7th issue has some great images of the Volturi (that were scanned and sent in to

You’ll have to buy the September 7th issue of People Magazine, as they have some exclusive new pics of the Volturi.

Here we see Jane looking fab with red eyes with Edward in tow, Demetri clenching Alice’s throat and Aro with Caius and Alec in the throne room.

In the article, New Moon director Chris Weitz notes:

I think they’re magnificently scary and at the same time very elegant, so that’s how I wanted to portray them onscreen. I wanted to steer clear of any clichés-Dracula’s castle sort of stuff. When you see their lair, it’s actually quite classically beautiful.

Source has just posted this image of Alec:

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OME!!! Jane looks fiercely scary. She’s enough to give a child nightmares. Demetri looks mean too, with his hands around Alice’s neck. I love the thrones they are sitting on.

And Alec, wow! Love the outfit.

I am foaming at the mouth in anticipation of seeing the New Moon movie. Are you? What do you think of the images?