If Paul Wesley plays the sweet and broody vampire Stefan on ‘The Vampire Diaries’, Ian Somerhalder is the counterpoint. As Stefan’s vampire brother Damon, Somerhalder is more like the vampire we read about in Bram Stoker.

“He’s angry,” Somerhalder said. “He feels like he’s been wronged, very badly, and he wants vengeance and redemption. However, he is lonely. He’s the most lonely person I’ve ever known. Imagine being 170 years old. However old you are, at this point in time, imagine thinking about how much you know about life and quadrupling that, and seeing all the people you’ve ever known die around you. That probably makes you very cynical and lonely.”

That’s deep, but Somerhalder is having fun. “It’s so much fun. That’s why he’s so fun. Violence and brutality, for me, is never okay. I’m not a violent or brutal person, in the least bit. I’m actually really passive. But, his violence and brutality stems from someplace. Even people who are bad, do it for reasons. The reason why people like the bad boy in a film, a show, a book or a play is because they have so much fun doing what they’re doing, while they’re doing it. And, there’s something that’s interesting and enticing about watching someone like that. Even if he’s being mean, he’s having fun doing it. So, as humans, we’re sickly drawn to that, and we’re all guilty of it.”

Just like an actor, the villain is never really a bad guy. “He’s a very dynamic, very complicated character. The relationship between Stefan, Damon and Elena is getting away from just this teen soap show. They’re very complicated relationships.”

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Have you read the ‘Vampire Diaries’ by L. J. Smith? Do you think Ian is the perfect choice playing Damon and are you looking forward to watch the series on TV September 10th?