I Choose You

By Gayle Curtis

ISBN# 9781542008181

Author’s Website:  http://www.gaylecurtis.co.uk/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

Elise and her now husband, Nathaniel, reconnected at a support group for people that had loved ones that committed suicide.  The group was specifically for suspected victims of the Suicide Watcher, a person that played a game forcing his victims to either shoot themselves or be shot.  Which of course led to the question: is it really suicide or murder?

Elise has struggled with mental illness and addiction, especially now that her daughter has been murdered.  The only suspects are those close to her including her father, brother, and even her husband!

And worse, she doesn’t believe her youngest son is hers, but was instead switched at birth.  It’s even led to her kidnapping the baby that she believes to be her own!

How much in Elise’s mind is the truth and how much of it is mental delusion?  Who killed Ida?  And who is the Suicide Watcher?  Could he be watching you right now?  What can you do when a killer chooses you?

I hate to have to be so brutally honest in a review.  I hated this book from start to finish, and it was actually a struggle to force myself to keep reading it.

This story was very hard to follow.  It keeps jumping from the past to the present and between different points of view, and sometimes you will be in the past and get the character going into a memory of something further in the past.  The book was a disjointed mess and was excruciatingly hard to comprehend.  I figured the storyline would level out and it would all make sense, but it never really did.  Not to mention there were a lot of secondary characters that made brief appearances here and there throughout the book.  They would be introduced and then show up way later in the book and I couldn’t even remember who they were.  I’d have to go back and try and figure it all out.  Also, the author needed to do her research on mental illnesses before writing incorrectly about them.

I will say I was completely wrong with both who killed Ida and who the Suicide Watcher was.  Although I’m not all that surprised, considering how hard this book was to make sense of.  And, honestly I even hated how this book ended.  I felt there should have been more to it, but as much as I disliked the book that’s probably for the best.

I’m just glad to be finished reading this and hope my next book is MUCH better!