Are fans of traditional YA novels eager to pick up graphic novel versions of their favorite books? Judging by the feedback “Hush, Hush” author Becca Fitzpatrick gets on her blog every time she posts a sketch from Sea Lion Books’ upcoming adaptation of her fallen angel stories, due out in October, that’s a resounding “yes.”

Shortly after Becca revealed the preliminary sketches by Jennyson Rosero of bad-boy fallen angel Patch and Nora, the girl he’s either trying to kill or trying to save, she was flooded with responses, both positive (“I WANT IT!”) and not so much (“No offense but this guy looks like your typical a–hole”).

“I’ve been really happy with the sketches the artist has done,” Becca told us recently. “He’s really talented and he’s worked hard to get the right vision. But there’s still readers out there saying, ‘Oh, that’s not what I picture for Patch!’ They’re very vocal. A lot of them, they know what they want, and that’s great.”

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I think it’s a fabulous idea to let fans weigh in. I’m sure it can be a bit difficult too. As fans of a series, we have strong opinions. We imagine what each character looks like and if it doesn’t fit, we’re not happy. I love that Sea Lion and Becca Fitzpatrick allowed the fans to shape Patch. Patch’s sketches were sent back with their suggestions and he came out looking much better.

What do you think of having fans involved in the process? What do you think of the cover?