New photo from ‘The Hunger Games’ movie shows Gale at the Reaping via Examiner

Lionsgate has released another official photo from The Hunger Games movie.

This photo of Hemsworth previously appeared in EW’s “Men of The Hunger Games” issue, but this is the first time a high-quality version of the image has been released online.

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Elizabeth Banks: ‘The Fans Are Not Going To Be Disappointed’ With ‘Hunger Games’ via Access Hollywood

While promoting her new movie, “Our Idiot Brother,” Elizabeth Banks says she’s “really excited” to be filming “The Hunger Games.”


Fantasy ‘Hunger Games’ Soundtrack and Artist Picks via

Ever since VH1 put together their strange list of title-only relevant music for their fantasy soundtrack for ‘The Hunger Games’, I’ve wanted to put together my own list of artists and song types I’d like to see on the various albums that will be coming out for the movies. I tried picking songs that fit both the various environments of the book and specific scenes. For some, I just love their voices, so I threw something in that would showcase that well. Let me know what you think!

District Tracks

  1. The Hanging Tree – Loreena McKennitt
  2. Grey Street – Dave Matthews Band
  3. Shadow on the Sun – Audioslave
  4. Stillness of Heart – Lenny Kravitz
  5. Butterfly – Tori Amos
  6. Love the Way You Lie – Skylar Grey

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Theory: ‘The Hunger Games’ teaser trailer could be released with ‘Abduction’ via Hypable

Selina randomly threw out a date that coincidentally is the day Lionsgate’s Abduction will be hitting theaters: September 23rd. It got us thinking – COULD it be released with Abduction? It makes sense…

Let’s break down the reasons why this could work.

1) Abduction is a Lionsgate film just like The Hunger Games. Lionsgate could release the trailer with Abduction to help boost ticket sales. It’s a win-win: Lionsgate promotes their big upcoming film while also securing some extra Abduction money from The Hunger Games fans.

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The Hunger Games Examiner has their own theory, which they discussed in June

‘The Hunger Games’ Countdown: What To Watch While You Wait via

Sure we’ve got just over seven months to go until The Hunger Games finally hits theaters, but the closer we get, the slower time seems to pass. Need something to hold you over until March 23rd, 2012? I doubt this list will take you that far, but it’ll certainly assuage the hunger pains for a bit. With the help of Down With The Capitol, HG Girl on Fire, Hunger Games Fireside Chat, The Hob and Hunger Games Network, I bring you a guide to worthy watches starring The Hunger Games cast.

Isabelle Fuhrman – Clove – Orphan
Sure, Orphan has its issues, but for those of you who enjoy some creepy suspense (with a hint of melodrama), it’s a good watch. The main reason I’m recommending this one is to get a taste of what The Hunger Games’ Clove, Isabelle Fuhrman, is capable of. Just 10-years-old when the film was in production, this is an incredible accomplishment for Fuhrman and, ultimately, it’s what put her on the map. She stars as a young Russian orphan, adopted by a loving family. Too bad for them, little Esther isn’t as innocent as she seems. To this day, Fuhrman’s casting in The Hunger Games is my favorite selection, as thanks to her performance in Orphan, I’m confident she can bring District 2’s Clove to life with the appropriate dose of determination and ferocity.

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‘KATNISS & RUE’ Short Film by Mainstay Reaches One Million Views! via


The short is the scene from The Hunger Games where Katniss sings to Rue.

A message from John Lyde (the director) on the Mainstay Facebook:

Thank you fellow Hunger Games fans for helping us reach one million views with our Katniss and Rue short film. We were just hoping that someone from Lionsgate would see the film and give our friends a chance to audition. We had no idea it would be seen by so many people. Now we receive requests daily for more Hunger Games films. We know our “no-budget” projects can’t compare to what Lionsgate is going to do. And we can’t wait to see what Gary Ross and crew come up with.

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Mainstay has another short “The Second Quarter Quell” done, and a third about Annie and Finnick planned. Their facebook page (with details) is here.

I knew there was a reason I had a crush on Gale. He’s looking good in that picture. And I definitely like’s soundtrack better than VH1’s. These songs actually fit the book.

What do you think of the photo of Gale? When do you think the first preview will be released? What did you think of Katniss and Rue?