Check out the new cover for ‘The Hunger Games’ Collector’s Edition via Examiner

The Hunger Games Collector’s Edition will hit stores this November, and now eager fans can get their first peek at the sleek new packaging for the beloved book by Suzanne Collins.

The new cover features a slipcover, new Mockingjay artwork, gold foil, and a cloth cover. It’s expected to retail for about $28 and will be on sale November 28th, though you can preorder it for only $21.99 at the Scholastic Store.

This is just one of four new Hunger Games books Scholastic will be publishing in the coming months…Those will include: The Hunger Games Illustrated Movie Companion, The Hunger Games movie tie-in edition, and The World of the Hunger Games.

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‘Hunger Games’ Soundtrack: Jennifer Lawrence’s Vocals Confirmed via MTV News

We’ve seen snippets of the cinematic world of Panem…. What we haven’t yet checked out from “Hunger Games” — and why would we, with no trailer yet released and the film not hitting theaters until March 2012? — is anything to do with the score, an all-star collaboration between T-Bone Burnett and Danny Elfman.

But that musical omission will be changing soon, as Burnett not only told MTV News that filmmakers will be releasing “Hunger Games” tuneage soon, but that one track will feature Lawrence herself.

While Burnett and Elfman are ready to release Lawrence’s recording, the two Grammy winners are only just getting started on their “Hunger Games” work.

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Follow-up: Paparazzi photo of ‘The Hunger Games’ Capitol members does not depict final costumes via Hypable

A couple weeks ago…a photo [was released] of The Hunger Games extras on set who were dressed as Capitol residents.

Many fans were concerned that they looked too bland, but now we’re learning that we shouldn’t be bothered just yet!

We were contacted by one of the extras on The Hunger Games set who told us that the photo (seen below) “was one of earlier filming before they realized the make-up and costumes were not over the top enough.”

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‘The Hunger Games’ movie update: Filming of the tribute training scenes via Examiner

Filming of The Hunger Games movie continues this week in North Carolina — and at least some of the work will include training scenes for the tributes.

The Facebook page for Tona B. Dahlquist Casting, the group in charge of extras for The Hunger Games movie, has posted a call for athletic adults to portray “Tribute trainers.” According to the post, the filming will take place August 17-20th and the 31st.

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Actress who plays Prim in ‘The Hunger Games’ joins Twitter via Hypable

Willow Shields, who has a lead role as Prim in The Hunger Games, has joined the social networking service Twitter.

We hope she sends out some interesting messages about the film!

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I’m glad the Capital extras costume weren’t final. They were so ludicrous in the book that the costume designer should have fun with it. Those look grungey or almost steampunk to me–not at all how I’d pictured the cloths.

What do you think of the Collector’s Edition cover? Will you get any of the upcoming books?