Chapters 13-14 – By Chris








Memorable Quotes:

1. “But all in all, maybe showing up stark naked in that chariot would have been safer for me.” – Katniss page 177
2. “How’s everything with you?” –Katniss page 181
3. “I imagine her flying around the training equipment never touching the floor. She should have gotten at least a ten.” – Katniss page 189
4. “What are you still doing here?” – Peeta page 193
5. “Sick and disoriented, I’m able to form only one thought: Peeta Mellark just save my life.” – Katniss page 194

Questions for consideration:

1. Why do you think the capitol started the firewall with fireballs?
2. What do you think are Peeta’s motives by being with career tributes?
3. Why do you think Rue is helping her? And what are Rue’s chances of survival in the Games, now knowing her talent?

Katniss was sleeping well that night after she drank her fill on water, but soon she woke up to the forest being burned. She drops out of her tree, and runs for her life. The flames are hot all around her and she can barely breathe through all the smoke, she is following the animals to safety. Katniss realizes that the flames are not of natural causes, but man-made, made by the gamekeepers to make the show that much more interesting. After awhile of running, Katniss decides that she will circle back around and try to be behind the fire wall…because the fire will drive all the tributes together and she doesn’t want that. But she soon figures out that not only is this just a fire wall, but it’s spitting fire balls at her…she quickens her pace, running for her life.

Katniss gets hit in her right thigh with a fireball, but other than throwing up, she is safe for now. She finds a stream to wash off in, and cool down the burns on her hands. She takes rest at the pond, resting her injured leg, and falls asleep. Katniss wakes again to trouble; some careers are close by, so she takes off to find shelter….she does notice that they too were affected by the fire wall. She scurries up a high tree, just as the group reaches the base of the trunk. She teases the careers, which includes Peeta because she knows that they are too heavy to climb the tree. They try to climb up and get her, but they fail…so they wait it out, while Katniss is 80 feet high and decides to rest for the night.

Chapter 14

Katniss pears into the tree next to her, and catches a pair of eyes. These eyes are not an animal, but a human; they belong to the little one known as Rue. She points out something to Katniss in the darkness above her…there is a nest full of Tracker Jackers, One of the capitol’s defense mutations that went sour. More than a few stings from one of these man-made creatures will kill you. During the anthem, Katniss sneaks up to the branch and begins to saw it off, so the nest can hopefully fall upon her enemies below. She comes back down to her spot, when she sees her first gift from sponsors, medicine for her burns. She must finish the sawing first thing in the morning before the careers get up.

She wakes early and warns Rue in the next tree, to get out of there. She saws off the remaining piece that is holding up the trackers nest, and it goes flying down to the tributes. All hell breaks loose, two girls loose their life, and Katniss gets stung three times. But she knows she must get back to the dying Glimmer, because she has the precious arrows and bow…which is the key to Katniss’s survival. She goes back but the stings have taken affect, and she starts to hallucinate. She has wild thoughts and is almost sickened by stealing the weapons from the girl that is slimy. Peeta finds her there, she is disoriented and thinks that they are back to finish her off, when Peeta tells her to make a run for it…Peeta once again, has saved her life.

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