By Katie Looby at the Coloradoan

After almost four months of anticipation, Kathy Reams received the letter she was waiting for: official documentation from Guinness World Records declaring Loveland set a record for the largest vampire gathering.

“I got it on [Feb. 12] and had it quickly framed,” said Reams, who organized the event.

The 10-minute vampire gathering occurred in November 2009 before the 11th annual Harvest Night run/walk.

Each year, the race has a costume theme.

Reams had the idea to set the record after living in Las Vegas and seeing the city set the record for the most Santas in one spot, she said.”It was just a silly idea I got. I just got the idea and ran with it,” Reams said. “We had people from all of Northern Colorado show up, and they showed up in Hollywood style. They were just decked out.”

“Running in costume is so much fun,” Reams said. “The vampires were just so big because of ‘Twilight.'”

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