via Scott Edelman at Sci Fi Wire

The most entertaining sci-fi ensemble on TV today isn’t to be found on Lost or Heroes, but rather on The Big Bang Theory, with its four geniuses who love sci-fi TV, movies, comics and games as much as we do, and the beautiful next-door neighbor who learns to love them. (Well, one of them, anyway.)

And yes, The Big Bang Theory IS a sci-fi show. As the fantastic four plus one play Kingon Boggle and wrangle over the problems with teleportation, you never know when there’ll be a guest appearances by a soapy Katee Sackhoff, the DNA of Leonard Nimoy or the time machine from George Pal’s 1960 movie.

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These are pretty good. Ok, they are missing a bunch of good ones here, but The Big Bang Theory is in season 3, and they are huge Sci Fi fans.  And originally I was only going to put one video on here, but my family and I were doing “It’s a trap!” over Thanksgiving weekend because of this episode and the Star Wars marathon on TV.

Do you watch Big Bang Theory? Is your favorite Sci Fi moment from the show on the list?