CHAT SESSION WITH P.C. & KRISTIN CAST has typed up the chat session with P.C Cast and Kristin Cast:

Q: How many books will there be in the House of Night Series?
A: They have been given a contract for 12 books.

Q: Can you reveal whose Point Of View ‘Tempted’ will be in?
A: This one will be from several different POV’s. You will see things from Zoey’s, Stevie Rae’s, Aphrodite’s, Heath, Stark and 1 Surprise perspective.

Q: During the writing process did you ever have disagreements about how characters should be portrayed?
A: P.C. Yeah, who Zoeyshould be with. Kristin was the one who said ‘Mom, she’s too young to decide’. P.C. also said that Stark was originally meant to be with Stevie Rae however that’s not how the characters felt that it should be.

Q: Is there a character in the series that you can relate to or picture yourself as?
A: Zoey was actually based on how Kristin was when she was that age. She has the addiction and love for Brown Pop and her favourite cereal is also Count Chocula. Kristin was also against ‘cussing’ too.

Q: I’ve read online that someone has purchased the rights to make the House of Night Series into movie, can you tell us more?
A: Yes, the rights have been purchased and the producers are currently working witha screen writer who is in the process of creating the script. P.C. – We are not associated with the film process. We cannot control casting at all, so if you think you would be perfect for a part, I wish you luck but that’s the best I can do.

Q: If you had the chance to choose your own personal ‘Ultimate Cast’ for the House of Night movies who would you chose to play the leading roles?

A: P.C. – Vanessa Hudgens would probably make a good Zoey, she looks the part, but she is too…(we discussed it a bit) Disney. Tom Welling would make a good Erik Night

Q: Who would you want Zoeyto be with?
A: Stark, but Kristin is the one who pointed out the fact that she is still too young to choose just one guy. There was a lot of laughter and joking about how its better to take your time finding ‘The One’.

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OMG information overload! GAG@Vanessa Hudgens. Please no!!!! I love the idea of these books being made into a movie though.

We have a debate going on, on the forum about who Zoey should be with. Come join the fun.

Who do you think Zoey should be with?