4 star

Hottest Mess

S.I.N., Book #2

By J. Kenner

ISBN# 9781101967485

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hottest-mess-sin-j-kennerDallas and Jane have finally given into their deepest desires and have forged a secret relationship.  If the truth would come out their parents would disinherit them, not to mention how the world would look at them.  They’re technically siblings even though they don’t share an ounce of blood.  Both were adopted by Dallas’s Uncle Eli.  They’ve tried living apart for too long and it hasn’t worked and now it’s time for them to finally get what they want; each other.

Now that Dallas and Jane are together, their biggest struggle is that he still can’t finish inside Jane (or any woman for that matter).  Jane has promised to go into the dark with him, as deep as he needs her to go.  They’re both hoping that will fix the issue, but it hasn’t so far.  However, Jane thinks she knows why … he’s too busy trying to protect her to go as dark as he needs to go.  She must find a way to get him past that if they ever hope to go all the way.

Meanwhile, Dallas and the rest of Deliverance is still trying to find the final kidnappers that took Dallas and Jane all those years ago and bring them to their own kind of justice.

But will a secret Dallas has kept to protect Jane ruin everything they’ve worked so hard to build?

This was another good entry into this series.  I liked the first one better … but this one was still really good and I didn’t want to put it down!

I still love the forbidden romance between Dallas and Jane.

“Just a normal dinner party, Dallas thought. Just your average, every day evening around the table with the man who may well have masterminded your kidnapping, the sister you’re in love with, and the older woman you used to sleep with.

No doubt about it–as a group, they made one hell of a Norman Rockwell painting.”

I’m not sure many women that would stand by Dallas with his little problem that isn’t little at all.  And most women definitely would not sit back and watch him work to keep his playboy reputation!  However, Jane sticks by him through both, no matter how hard it is on both of them.  You really can’t blame her for wanting to have her relationship out in the open, regardless of the consequences!

This book does end in a major cliffhanger.  One that is going to drive me insane until October when the next installment, Sweetest Taboo, is released.  Although I had expected it, for a good portion of the book!  I have a good idea who the Woman is but I’ll have to wait until October to find out if I’m right.  Although it may be even better, if I’m wrong!

I’m enjoying this sinful series and I think you will to!  This series will shock audiences for sure, but I think that’s a big part of what makes this series so great!

*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*