Kristin Chenoweth obsessed with ‘The Hunger Games’: Cast her, please! More Here

Kristin is a fun actress, I really enjoyed seeing her in Pushing Daisies 🙂 wonder how she would do in the Hunger Games. Do you think she could be Effie, as the article says? Or, would you cast her in another role?

Emma Watson Could Be Taylor Lautner’s Love Interest in ‘Incarceron’ More Here

Wow, this is really interesting. Sci-fi would be kind of a new thing for them, and if she does get the part it would be quite an interesting movie to see. I don’t know how much I like them as an onscreen couple, but it would be good to see how it turns out. The plot also sounds like a good one. What do you think of this new movie? Would you like to see Taylor and Emma together?

New “Red Riding Hood” poster and stills More Here

I can’t wait to see this movie. I really like it when they adapt the fairy tales and give it a darker theme, like Snow White: The Fairest of Them All. And from seeing the first trailer I just loved the music, and that red cape makes all the colors around look really well. I hope we can see more poster and promo stills. What did you think of the poster and new images? Between the first and second poster, which did you liked more?

Kenneth Branagh Talks Thor, Says There Will Be “Nods” To Captain America More Here

Are you looking forward to seeing Thor? What did you think of this?

Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman talk ‘Thor’ More Here

What did you think of this interview?

‘Ant-Man’ crawls forward More Here

Are you a fan of Ant-Man? Are you looking forward for and Ant-Man movie? Or, would you like for Marvel to concentrate on another superhero?

Student letters inspire ‘Hunger Games’ director Gary Ross More Here

We all know the this point that when it comes to our favorite books being made into movie, we don’t always get what we wish to see. This was a nice way to approach the director, especially when it comes from the true fans of the books, those who really enjoy the story for what it is 🙂 I hope The Hunger Games, turn out to be really good! What did you think of the student’s and their letters?

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