Hot Licks

Off Beat, Book #3

By A.M. Arthur

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hot-licks-off-beat-a-m-arthurBenji and Joshua have been seeing each other for three years now.  Most people don’t understand their relationship because they’ve had an open relationship, meaning each could sleep with anybody else they want as long as they don’t have any repeat encounters.  However, their relationship is now in jeopardy.  Benji wants to close their relationship and be exclusive and Josh refuses.  It takes a near hook-up of Josh’s, Van, to actually open his eyes.  Van kidnaps him and takes him hours away to meet Benji, where his band is performing, so the two can make-up.

Benji and Josh get back together and are happy to finally be exclusive, but neither can ignore their attraction to Van.  They decide that it wouldn’t be cheating if they shared him together.  But the couple quickly realizes that Van is the piece that their relationship has been missing all along.  Unfortunately, Van doesn’t do complicated and they don’t know if he will be on-board for making their relationship into an official triad.

This book is pretty much what you’d expect from this series, if you’ve read the other two books that came prior: hot and steamy gay sex.  Nothing more, nothing less.  The relationship between the three guys took a while to progress, but once it did, the book became very graphic.  This one was actually steamier than the other two since there were three guys getting together instead of two.  And, who wouldn’t want two people making sure their every sexual fantasy was met??

In the beginning of the book, before Van came into the equation, I was thinking Joshua was kind of being a jerk not wanting to get rid of his side pieces.  But after they became exclusive I thought Benji was being pretty selfish.  He admitted that he doesn’t get sexually attracted to Josh, but doesn’t want Josh to have sex with anyone else.  Josh felt terrible when Van kissed him, and Benji got all mad when Josh told him about it, refusing to even talk to him.  But then when Benji got drunk and another guy was making out with him and groping him in public, with the pictures all over social media as proof, it was quickly swept under the rug like nothing happened and it was no big deal.  But Van definitely seemed to even things out between them.  He could give to Josh, what Benji never felt comfortable with, and all three men were there for each other whenever they needed it.

Nothing real earth-shattering happens in this book.  Its raunchy sex and delving into the emotional scars that each of the guys battle with from their childhoods.  And of course the concerns their relationship has on Benji’s band, Fading Daze.

I’m curious if the straight guys in the band will have books as well or if this series is about over??  I guess time will tell.

*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*