Hot Holiday Nights

Play-by-Play, Book #10.5

By Jaci Burton

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hot-holiday-nights-jaci-burtonSports agent, Victoria Baldwin, is taking a long overdue vacation to Hawaii for her Christmas holiday.  There is a big surfing competition going on while she’s there and she quickly meets a hot champion surfer, Alex McConnell.  They hit it off right away, he’s a perfect vacation fling, and things really start to heat up!  But then Victoria meets Alex’s friend, Ben, and she can’t help being attracted to them both!!

I found myself really enjoying this book and it was a super quick read!  But very steamy!

I enjoyed both men in question, but wasn’t expecting it to turn into a ménage book!  So take Burton’s usual steaminess and multiple it by 100%!!

Ben and Alex were both perfect gentleman, the too good to be true variety, but the perfect dream men for this book!  They are a typical ménage book pair of guys caring so much about the female in question’s pleasure and needs.  I found Ben’s stopping as things really started getting amped up to get everyone a drink a bit odd and unrealistic.

I wanted to like Victoria and I guess she wasn’t a bad character, but she did come off as a bit of a slut in this one with how quickly she goes from Alex’s bed to fantasizing about Ben and then off course how easily she accepted a threesome from these two hunks and quickly took charge of the situation.  She also seemed a bit too prepared!

But overall I really enjoyed this book.  It was a quick steamy read and all-in-all, a lot of fun!  It makes me hope we see more surfers in this series in the future!

*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*