io9.com: Click here to find out more!If you’re looking to add a little horror to your free comics reading, look no further. We profile eight webcomics featuring Lovecraftian terrors, pulp zombie action, adorable monsters, and the werewolves of the Old West.

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The Zombie Hunters by Jenny Romanchuk: Romanchuk takes a very different tack on zombies, with a comic that focuses less on the undead than on post-apocalyptic life. Years after the zombie plague began, the last of humanity has settled on an island, where they live in some semblance of their former society. Meanwhile, so-called zombie hunters venture into infected territory to find supplies to bring back to the island.

Romanchuk originally wrote the comic as a goof for some of her friends, so the first few chapters are a bit of light-hearted author (and author’s friends) insertion. But once the zombie hunters return to the island, it becomes a more complex apocalyptic tale. People infect with a dormant form of the zombie virus are segregated from the uninfected population, and live under intense restrictions, largely at the mercy of unscrupulous military personnel. At the same time, scientists at the island’s research lab are performing strange experiments on the dead. And there’s the mystery of how such an advanced facility ended up being the last safe place on Earth.

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Interesting comics and you have plenty where to pick from 😉 Eerie Cuties sounds like a fun one to read and The Zombie Hunters awakes  the curiosity. Which one would you like to read?