Halloween is almost here and what better news than a horror dose, hehehe.

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“Lovecraft 101: Get To Know The Master of Scifi-Horror”

io9.com:You’ve heard about Cthulhu, and you’ve probably heard about the man who created this tentacled horror, H.P. Lovecraft. Now you want to try delving into the world of Lovecraft, but where to start? Let us help you.

Crucial Stories

There are so many terrific, iconic stories by HP Lovecraft that no introductory list could ever satisfy completely. But here are eight stories and novellas that will introduce you to the main concepts in Lovecraft’s world, as well as exposing you to some of his obsessive preoccupations. You can read the full text of all of these stories at Project Gutenberg.

“Call of Cthulhu”
While it may not be the very best of Lovecraft’s stories, this tale introduces his most legendary monster and the madness it can bring upon the world. Just one glimpse of the tentacled visage of Cthulhu, and the non-Euclidean geometry of his city, is enough to turn an entire boat of tough sailors into shattered husks.

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“IGN Lists Impaler As A Horror Movie That Must Be Made”

topcowblog.blogspot.com: With Batman, Spidey and Iron Man hogging the comics-to-film spotlight, IGN Movies decided to turn its attention to a few comics just outside the mainstream — movies that still deserve the big screen treatment: Comics with a horror theme to them. We know, we know… that genre isn’t exactly the easiest or most successful to be adapted. We’ve seen some success with The Crow (which is getting a reboot), 30 Days of Night (which is getting a direct-to-DVD sequel) and Blade, but nothing on par with Shellhead or The Dark Knight’s success.


Impaler is a series following the exploits of Vlad Dracula, the historical inspiration for the legendary vampire. However, this isn’t a period piece, and this isn’t the Dracula you’re familiar with. This version of the character isn’t a vampire at all. In fact, he’s a holy crusader who sought out supernatural powers in order to combat the growing vampire onslaught in 15th Century Wallachia.

The bulk of the series actually takes place in modern New York City. A freak snowstorm has completely overrun Manhattan, and a new horde of vampires have chosen the city as their hunting grounds. Unfortunately for them, Dracula is still around and still eager to draw vampiric blood.

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