4 star

Home Improvement

Pajaro Bay, Book #1.5

By Barbara Cool Lee


Author’s Website: http://www.BarbaraCoolLee.com


home_improvementBrought to you by OBS reviewer Andra                   


Kimberly Bishop married her best friend. Then he died. Now she’s a 27-year-old widow whose friends keep fixing her up with one disastrous blind date after another. But maybe a second chance at love has been right under her nose all along….

Welcome to Pajaro Bay, a charming little village with a cast of quirky characters and funky cottages overlooking the sun-drenched coast.


Another fine short story by Barbara Cool Lee. I found myself really engaged, with emotions abounding throughout.

The story begins with Kim Bishop coming home from the funeral of her husband.  This certainly pulled at my heartstrings:

She was a 27-year-old widow with a broken-down house (Bluebird Cottage), a big insurance settlement, and everything she needed to live a wonderful life.  Except the man who had been her best friend, her confidant, her one true love.”

During this scene, Kim throws a hammer and then continues on until there is a gaping hole.

Fast forward about seven months and Kim is now working for her friend Jasmine (Jazz) in her Pet clothing shop.  I found the scene where Jazz’s dog Arrow models the booties definitely chuckle worthy.  As frequently happens, girls get to chatting and Jazz has decided it is about time that Kim get back in the dating pool.  They discuss this particular endeavor over coffee with two other friends.

So Kim finally agrees to go on dates….and then the fun ensues.  After a few dates, Kim realizes that no real sparks fly with any of the men.

Meanwhile, Kim has hired a contractor, Gage, to fix her bathroom and the hole Kim created after Bishop’s funeral.  There is a history there; Gage was Bishop’s best friend. You can see that sparks could fly, but how does one go from friend to more?

The journey called Home Improvement resulted in a pleasant read which has definitely peaked my interest to the level that I now have the first full length read in the Pajaro Bay series, so I am off to read more.