Holly Jolly Cowboy

The Wyoming Cowboy, Book #7

By Jessica Clare

ISBN: 9780593337394

Author Website: jillmyles(.)com

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Caro


Holly Dawson works as a waitress at Wades’s saloon, Painted Barrel’s lone restaurant, but her passion is baking. As the only breadwinner in her family, Holly provides for her younger sister Polly and all her college expenses. Holly became an orphan at eighteen and has been taking care of her sister ever since. Holly is determined to become a full time baker, but so far none of the local bakeries are looking to hire, and the only place she can showcase her baking abilities is at the restaurant baking everyday’s sandwich bread, which is a great success with the customers, but not enough for Wade to let her sell more of her baked goods.

Adam Calhoun works at the Flat C Ranch owned by the town’s mayor Sage and her veteran husband Jason (A Cowboy Under the Mistletoe). His first encounter with Holly did not go well and ever since, Adam has been leaving one dollar tips for Holly, which infuriates her. To Adam’s surprise, Holly is hired by Sage to cook and clean while the family and other workers are away for the holidays, leaving Adam alone with Holly. Once more, nothing starts off good between them, clashing immediately and earning Adam simple brown paper bagged lunches. Anger gets the best of Adam, making him sabotage Holly’s contest cake by adding salt. This cake was going to be Holly’s big breakthrough at a chance to get noticed by bakeries with possible job offers, but Adam’s prank went too far. Now, Holly has lost the desire to bake for fear of repeating a salty cake. Adam is feeling guiltier than ever when he finds out baking is Holly’s dream.

Holly Jolly Cowboy was such a sweet holiday story! I loved all the past couples that made special appearances, especially when we get to read what they have been up to! Such as knowing that Sage and Jason are expecting a third baby! I also loved the Great British Bake Off show vibes and all the new baking tips I learned from Holly.

Holly and Adam have a very spicy and sweet relationship throughout the book. I was so nervous when Adam ruined Holly’s cake. She had put all her hopes in it to win. Not only for her sister’s tuition, but for herself and her baking dream. Unfortunately for Adam, he buried himself too deep in the prank, lies, and fell for Holly, her baking and cooking, making him confess and pay for his wrong doings. 

We’re into the seventh book in the series and every time I think I have my top favorite books, one comes and ruins my list. Same goes with top favorite couples! The Wyoming Cowboy series has been such a delight to read. All the books have been too sweet to pass by, with stories full of charming characters, not to mention dashing cowboys. If you haven’t started reading this series, it’s not too late to start. You’ll fall in love with the Wyoming cowboys!