And True Blood still has a bit of bite.

Heroes was the top TV show DVD seller for the week ending September 6, 2009, selling 296,170 units and earning an estimated $11.1 million in revenue its first week. In unit totals, that’s down from season two’s DVD set which soled 391,899 units and had estimated sales, but because season 3 had a full allotment of episodes versus season two’s strike shortened version, it costs more. That may have contributed to a decrease in unit sales, but it actually pumped up the revenue figures for this year. Last year’s first week had less revenue — $9.8 million –even though it sold more units.

Unit sales and revenue were both way up for Supernatural: its fourth season DVD set sold 238,081 units and earned an estimated $8.7 million. Last year in its first week of release the season three DVD set sold 104,979 units with estimated revenue of $4.1 million.

The amazing first season DVD success for True Blood continues. In its 16th week of release it added on another 62,123 units — a 12% increase from week 15, along with another $2.2 million in sales. Its sixteen week totals are 1.49 million units with estimated revenue of almost $52 million.


Have you purchased Supernatural, Heroes, or True Blood?