Her Perfect Mate

X-Ops, Book #1

By Paige Tyler

ISBN# 9781402292095

Author’s Website:  https://paigetylertheauthor.com/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

*Beware of Spoilers*

Special Forces Captain Landon Donovan is pulled out of Afghanistan in the middle of a mission.  He has no idea why, but being told he’s going to Washington feels like a punishment; a demotion.  Once he arrives he discovers a secretive organization and he meets his new partner, Ivy, who isn’t completely human.  She’s a feline shifter and the most beautiful exotic beauty he’s ever laid eyes on.

Ivy isn’t happy being paired with another military jarhead.  Her last two partners were from the military and it didn’t end well either time.  Landon seems nice enough, but will it last?  Not to mention he’s smoking hot!  Ivy is finding it difficult to fight her raging libido around her new partner, but giving in would be a mistake.  Right?

Ivy and Landon connect right away and quickly impress the bosses within the organization.  They are out on their first mission in no time.  However, will Ivy’s animal urges and impulsiveness end up costing them in the end?

I wasn’t sure what to think of this book.  I do like my shapeshifter stories, so I was a little sad to discover that the shifters in this series don’t shapeshift!  Boo!  They just zone out and let the animal take over.  This is where Ivy becomes a major liability on their missions.  She either can’t act when she needs to or goes off half-cocked and emotional with no plan leaving Landon to try to save both their asses.

I liked Landon, but I thought he was way too nice and understanding.  Ivy puts him in danger on every mission!  I about gagged from the syrupy sweetness of his apology to her for ALLOWING her to be kidnapped.  It was her own stupid fault!  I think this is also when the book turned for me from a decent read to just okay. 

I felt everything was getting tied up in nice neat bows towards the end of the story, and it was just a little too tidy for my liking.  All of the evil creatures – dead.  Clayne who despises normals, especially Landon, suddenly likes Landon’s military buddies AND Landon!  Not only that, he’s suddenly filled with understanding.  So the biggest obstacle for Ivy and Landon’s relationship – gone! 

Not to mention, Ivy and Landon’s relationship develops way too fast.  Within a handful of weeks Landon is offering to give up his career for her and offering marriage.  The same guy that said he’d never again get involved with a co-worker, by the way.

Even with all the bow-tying going on, the book didn’t feel complete.  The author gives us a segue into the next book that left this story feeling unfinished.