Her Christmas Cowboy

The Wyoming Cowboy, Book #5

By Jessica Clare

ISBN: 9780593102008

Author Website: jillmyles.com

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Caro


The Wyoming Cowboys are back for another Christmas at Painted Barrel! This time around the lucky girl is elementary school teacher, Amy Mckinney, whom readers previously met in The Cowboy Meets His Match. Amy has been struggling with her newly divorced life and independent living for the first time in her life. Her relationship with her husband did not end well and she can barely manage as an elementary school teacher, but everything slowly starts to change when she befriends Becca and her young step-daughter Libby, whose uncles sometimes take turns picking her up from school.

Amy’s living situation isn’t the best either. Her house’s roof is caving in, her faucets don’t work, her heating is terrible and her car decided to leave her stranded in the middle of the road on a cold night. With no one else to help her she calls the only person she can think of, Caleb Watson, Libby’s uncle and her partner for the Christmas’ community celebration. Caleb has been crushing on Miss Amy since he first saw her while picking up Libby from school and he will gladly take any opportunity he has to see Amy and help her. But what Caleb thought as a one time favor turned out to be several handyman repair favors, which he is okay with since that means more time with Amy and a possible relationship with the help and advice of his younger brother Jack. 

With several things to repair, Caleb and Amy spend the days before Christmas getting to know each other better, among helping each other learn new skills and how to get through the holidays in good spirits. Meanwhile, Amy has to discover who her Secret Santa is after receiving flowers, a new coat, several other gifts and jewelry. Competition was not in Caleb’s plans.

This holiday story is the perfect Christmas romance! Caleb has never had a serious relationship or relationship ever before, especially not while living in the middle of nowhere in Alaska, which makes him trying to get over his shyness and embrace braveness as he tries to talk to Amy, really cute and romantic! It’s refreshing to read about a strong cowboy being shy and trying so hard to talk to the girl. It shows that man struggles with relationship skills too. And we also have to praise Caleb’s brothers for being supportive and helping him out with ideas to help his love life. The Watson brothers are something else.

Amy, on the other hand, is trying to be independent and find her way in life for what seems like for the first time in her life. She is also trying to be a good teacher and community member while trying to balance her personal life. We see her struggle with the thought of her ex-husband whenever he is mentioned and learn of his mental and emotional abuse towards her. In Painted Barrel she is finally learning what real friends and a romantic love interest are. Amy learns from Caleb new life and survival skills, while he learns to be less shy. They definitely complement each other’s lives. 

Readers also get mentions of previews characters and what they have been up to, most recently couple Becca and Hank Watson, and one that has become my favorite character in the series, uncle Ennis, the local veterinary, with his funny personality. I can’t wait for the next book in the series with brother Jack Watson. Will this be the final book? We shall see, meanwhile, I recommend you read The Wyoming Cowboys series with a cowboy for every occasion. 

*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*