Sins & Shadows (Shadows Inquiries #1) By Lyn Benedict

Sylvie Lightner is a unlicensed PI who specializes in the paranormal and strange, but she’s had too much after seeing her partner get murdered and has decided to retire. Until a god comes to her with a case and refuses to take no for an answer.

I thought the synopsis of this book sounded interesting, but it failed to delight and I had trouble forcing myself to keep reading.

Ghosts & Echoes (Shadows Inquiries #2) By Lyn Benedict

Sylvie reluctantly comes back to work after a long vacation where she tried to forget all that happened in Chicago. There are plenty of cases, but none she wants to work on. She ends up working the case of Adam Wright, who claims to be possessed, only to discover that she knows the ghost that’s inside him.

I thought this book was a great improvement over the first (above). Sylvie’s inner struggle over helping Wright vs having a second chance with Demalion. Also, this book shows a different more real side of Sylvie when she’s dealing with her younger sister who’s in a bit of trouble herself.