Hunting Human by Amanda E. Alvarez  

Beth and her friend were attacked while traveling abroad, leaving her friend dead.  Beth was able to fight off her attacker, killing him in the process, but the damage had been done she was bitten by him making her a werewolf.

She spent several years moving around until she finally found a place she would like to stay.  And she even starts a new relationship with a hot guy named Braden.  Everything is going good when the brother of the guy she killed shows up vowing revenge on her.  And she discovers that her new beau is a werewolf also!!

I really enjoyed this book and would highly recommend this to any werewolf lovers or even those who have never attempted a werewolf novel.

Dark Legacy by Anna DeStefano

Maddie has always had a strong pyshic connection with her twin and she was happy when her twin was in an accident that put her in a coma and she no longer heard her thoughts.  But now all of a sudden she is plagued with nightmares centered around that accident.  She is having trouble focusing on things and it’s putting her job in the ER at jeopardy.  Then, she discovers that her twin is awake and being used as a secret government weapon.  With the help of her co-worker, Jared, she must find her sister and put an end to these nightmares.

I absolutely despised this book and wanted to tear my hair out while reading it.  It was so repetitive and just felt like it was going nowhere.  Not to mention the main character and her dependence on others just annoyed me.

Club Dead-Sookie Stackhouse #3– by Charlaine Harris  

Bill has been distancing himself from Sookie while working on a special project from the Queen of Louisiana.  When he is kidnapped while away on business it’s up to Sookie to go find him.

This was a pretty good read and we meet sexy werewolf Alcide.  Plus there is very little Bill in this one which is always a bonus in my book!!

Naked Dragon-Works like Magick #1-by Annette Blair 

The Dragons have been banished to another plane where they will all eventually die if they don’t find a way to escape.  The Goddess of hope uses her magic to turn one dragon back to their human form and back to the Earth plane, each with their own mission.  If they fail no other dragons will be sent and will be doomed.

Bastian is the first dragon to be sent and his mission is to find his heart mate and make her goals his own.  He finds his heart mate is McKenna who is struggling to open a bed and breakfast and if she doesn’t open on time she could lose the property.

I didn’t really care for this book that much.  Bastian’s “man lance” seemed like the main character and the book was just lame.  It does get better towards the end, but I don’t think it’s worth the time to read.

Vampire Dragon-Works Like Magick #2-by Annette Blair  

The Goddess of Hope is still sending dragons to the Earth plane one at a time.  Now it’s Darkwyn’s turn.  He must acclimate himself to life on earth and find his heart mate.  He finds her almost as soon as he arrives, but they both have a past they are running from.  They are only able to live happily ever after once they face their enemies together.

This one had a lot of repetition from Naked Dragon (above), but was a little better.  It had a bit more of a storyline.  But still the book wasn’t anything to write home about.