The Magicians

Season 1, Episode 13

Episode Title: Have You Brought Me Little Cakes

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This episode may cause many emotions, a lot of them you will not like… most of them.


The last episode of the first season of the Magicians, Have You Brought Me Little Cakes, starts with a recap of a majority of scenes with Jane Chatwin and information about Filory.  We see Quentin writing the what he calls the seventh book of Filory, where he tells the story of how the world of Filory was created. As he writes about find the god Ember, and the narration goes back to him and Julia arriving to Filory.

Julia and Quentin learn that they are characters from the books, as the met a young Jane Chatwin and help, earning the names of the witch and the fool. It’s revealed that Martin Chatwin also followed his sister and sees them helping her. Martin tells them that Filory has stopped taking him, and they tell him about the special blade to kill the Beast. Martin takes them to a knife maker, how agrees to make a blade out of moonstones even though it might take some years. They accept his conditions and leave.

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The three of them arrive to the Ember’s temple, but the clocks in the trees start to chime, and Martin tells them that the Watcherwoman is coming, and runs away. Quentin and Julia try to go after him, but they are stopped by a woman dressed in black that pulls back her hood and reveals to be a grown up Jane Chatwin (Eliza). They explain to Jane why they are in Filory and that this is the last time loop that they have. When asked why Jane was the villain the kids in the books, she replies that she did it to encourage her younger self to become a better magician like the Watcherwoman herself. To show her abilities, she freezes Julia and tells Quentin that she can detect a memory patch on her. She explains that “it’s quite crude, made in haste, likely by hedge…… covering something tragic and replacing it with something beautiful, but false.” Quentin asks her if she could remove it, but Jane replies that the patch is there for a reason and should be removed, and tells him to protect Julia. She releases Julia from the spell and sends them both back to the present Filory.

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Both of them appear back to Ember’s temple, but it looks like very different that how it used to. A paper plane arrives with a note from Eliot letting Quentin know where they are.  The rest of the Brakebills students are in a pub eating and drinking. When Quentin and Julia arrived, Quentin remembers that they are all mad at each other. On their way to the knife maker’s house, they find a tombstone of Martin Chatwin, thinking that he died. Once in the house, they find out that the knife maker died, but his son, that it’s older, revels the knife of moonstone his father made, and asks for the payment. He reveals that the new high king of Filory has to marry his daughter. Using a special blade, he tries to cut the hands of all the male students, and it only cuts the hands of Eliot, revealing that he is the new High King of Filory.

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After talking with Margo, Eliot comments to terms with marrying the daughter of the knife maker. The filorians prepare a wedding for them, and Eliot is married. Because he wants to find Victoria, Penny goes inside and meditates to astroprojects to the dungeon where she is being kept. After the wedding, the knife maker, gives them the moonstone blade, but none of them are able to touch it, as it was made to be used by a master magician to kill a master magician. Eliot tells them that as customs in Filory, he has to impregnate his new wife, and leaves them. Penny and Alice with the help of Josh and Margo decide to go free Victoria while Quentin and Julia go to ask for Ember’s help to his temple.

While Margo and Josh make a distraction, Penny and Alice are able to get into the castle that it’s not there and free Victoria, who tells them that there is another person next to her cell.

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The timeline goes back to Quentin and Julia finding Ember’s temple and being transported to his hiding place. Here, they ask the god for help to be able to use the blade to kill the Beast. At first, he doesn’t want to help, but after Quentin screams at him for not fighting the Beast and helping the Filorians, Ember changes his mind and gives them his power through some of his essence and seed (semen) in a jar. Ember notices the memory patch on Julia, and he still trying to help takes it away, even though Quentin told him not to. The act causes Julia to fall to the floor and the memories of what really happened during the summoning comes back.  Small flashback of blood and Kady crying are able to be seen.

Ember cast them out, and Julia starts to walk away from Quentin and back to the inn. She is unable to stand Quentin’s touch as he tries to stop her and talk with her.  She begs him to take her memories away, but he tells her that he doesn’t know how, and walks away.

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In the Inn, Penny nurses Victoria back to health and asks her how to take so many people with her when she travels. She shows him her knuckles and tells him that it’s with the help of a spell. Quentin tells the other about Ember’s seed, and they show him the other prisoner that they found in the dungeon, Christopher Plover. He reveals to them that the Beast it’s Martin Chatwin, and has been torturing him every day for many years. Plover tells them that Martin found a map to the Well Spring that it’s the source of all magic of Filory, and he drinks from it every night. He reveals that he knows where the well is.

During the night, Victoria and Josh sneak out and leave them. We see Quentin writing the book that he is narrating. He goes to talk to Alice and comes to the conclusion that he is not the special one, and he believes that Alice should be the one to fight the Beast, even though he is the one that always volunteers.

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The next day, Alice drinks the essence of Ember, and her eyes shine green with power. She gets up and goes picks up the blade without burning her. Julia comes out of her room and tells Quentin that she needs to tell him something alone. She reveals to him the memories that came back to her.

Flashbacks show that during the chanting of t summoning, Julia notices that the images in the shrine they made for Our Lady Underground, start to cry blood. She tells the others to stop, but it’s too late as the OLU appears between Kady and Silver. It’s revealed that they were tricked by Reynard the Fox to summon him, instead of OLU. He kills Richard by taking and eating his heart and then possess his body. Next, he slices the throats of Silver, Pouncey and Menolly, and goes to attack Kady. Julia gets in between them and tells Reynard to not touch Kady. He tackles her instead and she screams to Kady to run. They struggle, but Reynard is able to pin her down. It shows that Reynard rapes Julia, while the bodiEs of her friends bleed next to them, and Julia as able to see that Kady escape.

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We see that Julia wakes up to find Reynard gone, and her cover in her and the blood of her friends. As we see that she starts to clean everything, we hear her calling someone on her phone. Later in the night, the bodies are gone, and she has changed, but still cleaning the floors Marina arrives. She goes to help Julia and ask the whereabouts of the thing that attacked her, and Julia replies that it’s gone as he took what he wanted. Julia asks Marina to help her, and she agrees, but Julia also asks her to do the same thing that was done to her in Brakebills, to take her memories.

Back in the present, Quentin tells Julia that he is going to help her, and she replies that they need to kill Reynard even though it might be impossible.

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The six of them gather up, and with the spell that Victoria gave him Penny takes them to the well of Spring. They appear there, and the well looks like a medieval urinal. They walk in as its starting to get dark, and Julia is the last one to go in. The inside looks identical to Plover’s study from his house. Eliot makes a remark that even with all the power that he has, he still thinks about what Plover did to him when he was young. A blue moth appears and Beast walks into the room, with his face still obscure with flying moths. Quentin greets him as Martin, and the illusion despairs showing the face of an older Martin Chatwin.

Martin locks the door and starts to walk through the room. While Quentin, tries to talk to him about what Plover did to him, Martin drink from his whiskey and laughs at Quentin for being always so sentimental. Martin, grows bored of them and decides to start killing them, but Quentin tries to distract him with his cards to give Alice an opportunity to use the blade, but Martin just starts choking him. Alice goes to take out the blade, but it’s gone. Martin turns to her and also chokes her making bleed from inside. Eliot and Margo try to attack him, but he pushes them against the bookcase. He turns to Penny and controls his hands, he makes Penny lift his arms up and cuts his hands off. Eliot and Margo fall down and seem to faint.

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Martin turns back to Quentin, but Julia appears behind him, and places the moon blade against Martin’s throat, without the blade burning her. In a flashback, we see Julia dialing Marina phone number, and her abdomen starts to hurt. With her fingers she inspects herself, and her fingers come out cover with the semen of Reynard. While staring at her hand, her eyes shine with green power just like it happened to Alice.


The episode ends with Julia asking Martin about how he killed Umber, and her wanting to know how to kill a god. She tells him that she wants to make a deal, and Martin agrees. The both of them despair, leaving a stunned Quentin, while he looks over the room and sees his friend dying, Eliot and Margo unconscious, Penny cradling his mutilated arms, and Alice face down in a puddle of her own blood.



So many emotions the episode left me. I think that most people are emotional because of what happened to Julia. I know that I mentioned that I didn’t believed what we saw in the flashbacks of the summoning during the previous episode, but I wanted to believe that they maybe change it. The writers of the show added and left out things, and I hoped that because it was progressing very fast that maybe we wouldn’t see Reynard the Fox, but I was wrong and we saw what happened to FTB, and to Julia. Even though I already read the books and knew what was going to happen, I wasn’t prepared for the rape scene, it was intense and emotional. I want to have in the record that I HATE Ember and Umber with the passion of a thousand suns. I think that we misjudge Marina. Back to Filory, I like the story line of the past Filory and Julia and Quentin helping a young Jane Chatwin, although I think that Quentin might have been the cause of Martin having the idea of being the Beast. Eliot’s story changed a lot, and he even is married, I don’t know how that is going to play out.  Other that those changes to Josh, Eliot and Julia, it all seems to be leading for somebody to evolve form’s as in the books happened to save them all. I have the feeling that Julia might make a deal with the Beast. The show has so much sarcasm in it.  For those new to the series and haven’t read the books, prepare yourselves as things are going to get worse in the future and more painful. The last episode of the season has ended and with it the first season of the Magicians come to its close. Until next year, when we will learn what happen to all the characters, who are currently in a very f&$k, and see who survives against a grown up Martin Chatwin. What did you think of the season finally? Are your emotions in turmoil? Tell us in the comments.