by J.K. Rowling

Harry was left a mission before Dumbledore died; he had to find the horcruxes, destroy them and defeat the Dark Lord. Now, a month after the death of Hogwarts’ headmaster, Harry must wait at the Weasley’s house one last time until the mark the Ministry has on him banishes.

In this last installment, Harry must run away from that world he once thought he belonged in, he only has his faithful friends Hermione and Ron to help him while every Death Eater and Snatcher is behind him. He’ll soon find out who are truly his friends, who he can trust and not, more from the past of his parents, Voldemort and Dumbledore’s, and even believe in fairytales where he’ll find that the Deathly Hallows are real and closer than he thought.

All of these, for the greater good.

A: Apolline
(Fleur’s mom. She along with her husband and younger daughter come all the way from France for the wedding.)

(The younger sister of Albus and Aberforth Dumbledore. She was killed during a duel between Albus and Grindelwald.)

Albus Severus Potter
(Harry and Ginny’s youngest son, named after two great Hogwarts headmasters.)

B: Bathilda Bagshot
(She was a historian witch and a close friend of the Potters and Dumbledores. Harry visits her to learn more from the past not knowing that it could be a trap.)

C: Charity Burbage
(Hogwarts former professor killed by Voldemort for teaching Muggle Studies.)

(A way to call the seven Potters that disguise as Harry. Six are Ron, Hermione, Fred, George, Fleur and Mundungus.)


(Voldemort is desperate to find a way to break the connection between his and Harry’s wand.)

(Mrs. Weasley bakes the biggest Snitch cake Harry has ever seen for his birthday.)

D: Dursleys
(They were asked to leave their home for their own safety not before Dudley revealing that he did cared for Harry. Who knew?)

(Death is big in this book, to mention a few that die are; Hedwig, Mad-Eye, Dobby, Charity, Bathilda, Dobby, Tonks…)

(Left to Ron by Dumbledore in his will, so he can always find his way back.)

(The house elf that gave his life to rescue Harry, Hermione, Ron, Luna, Ollivander, and Dean from the Malfoy’s dungeon.)

(Ravenclaw’s lost diadem that grants wisdom to the one who wears it. Voldemort turned it into a horcrux and now Harry must find it.)

E: Elphias Doge
(Dumbledore’s best friend in school when young. He writes an article remembering him in the Daily Prophet and helps Harry know more about his past.)

(Everyone has taken this spell as Harry’s signature attack.)


(George loses an ear while flying, after a curse sent by Snape hits him. After this he is known as Holey George.)

F: Floo Network

(Harry can’t travel by floo powder without being watch, especially now that the Ministry has fallen.)

G: Grindelwald
(He is best known for his legendary duel against Dumbledore and something few knew, his friend.)

(Color that the Polyjuice potion turns into when added Harry’s hair.)

(Ron disguises a ghoul in pajamas as him so when he doesn’t go back to school everyone will think he is badly sick.)

(The wand maker Voldemort is looking for. He also did Viktor Krum’s wand.)

Godric’s Hollow
(Where Harry and Dumbledore each lost a loved one and lived.)

Grimmauld Place
(Where Ron, Harry and Hermione hide out for a while. They even get on Kreacher’s good side.)

H: Hedwig
(The first close friend of Harry’s to die in this book. At this moment we realize that no one is safe anymore.)

(The Invisibility Cloak, the Elder wand and the stone; the items that when combined will give the owner immortality.)

(Items that contain a bit of Voldemort’s soul. Can be used to restore life to Voldemort and can be used to destroy Voldemort.)

Hugo Weasley
(Ron and Hermione’s youngest son.)

I: Interrogation
(All the muggle-borns are interrogated by the Ministry so they can prove they are related to a wizard in order for them to live in the wizarding world.)

J: James Sirius Potter
(Harry and Ginny’s oldest son, named after his grandfather and father’s godfather.)

K: Kendra Dumbledore
(She was mother to Albus, Aberforth and Ariana Dumbledore. She lived away from the wizard society until one day dying mysteriously.)

(Ginny’s birthday gift to Harry. Hermione’s love declaration to Ron. Sweet 😀 )

L: Letters
(Harry finds some of Lily’s letters to Sirius in his room with some old pictures of him and his parents. Quite overwhelming.)

Lily Luna Potter
(Harry and Ginny’s youngest and only daughter, named after her grandmother and mother’s friend.)

M: Mirror
(Harry finds a piece of Sirius’ mirror in his trunk and for a brief moment he sees a blue eye just like Dumbledore’s. Could it be?)

(Hagrid brings Sirius’ bike to help get Harry out of Private Drive so the Death Eaters don’t know who he is.)

N: Nurmengard
(The prison Grindelwald built to hold his opponents.)

O: Ollivander
(The wand maker that Voldemort has kept imprisoned for more than a year hoping to get answers to the location of the Elder wand and how to defeat Harry’s wand.)

P: Peacocks
(The Malfoys have white peacocks in the garden. How Malfoy-ish of them 😉 )

Pius Thicknesse
(Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. He is put under the Imperius curse by Yaxley to have more control of the Ministry.)

(Voldemort tells Bellatrix to prune her family tree so it stays “healthy”.)

(This is how the seven Potters along with their protectors must leave Private Drive for safety.)

(The underground radio program that gives news about movement against Voldemort.)

Q: Quibbler
(The newspaper that Xenophilius Lovegood prints. Similar to a tabloid in that few people believe what’s printed in it.)

R: Rufus Scrimgeour
(After not wanting to believe in Harry and Dumbledore, he is killed when the Ministry falls letting Voldemort take over everything.)

(One way to destroy a horcrux. You must feel the what you’ve done.)

(It is revealed that Regulus Arcturus Black is R.A.B the one who took the locket, Death Eater, Slytherin seeker and Sirius’ brother.)

(So obviously displayed in the demand for all Mud-bloods to register with the Ministry of Magic.)

Rose Weasley
(Ron and Hermione’s oldest daughter. Looks like she is as smart as her mother.)

S: Seven
(The seven ways this last book was split and dedicated to, by J.K. Rowling.)

(They can be heard coming from the cellars in the Malfoy Manor. Who could they belong to?)

Stan Shunpike
(Because of him the Death Eaters and Voldemort find out who the real Harry is. Traitor.)

Secrets of the Dark Arts
(Book that Hermione takes from Dumbledore’s office where she finds hoe to create and destroy the horcruxes.)

Shell Cottage
(Bill and Fleur’s new home, where the trio and guest take refugee and Dobby’s resting place.)

Scorpius Malfoy
(Draco’s only son, mentioned in the epilogue.)

T: The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore
(Title of the book Rita Skeeter writes where she reveals secret information about Dumbledore only one month after his death.)

Tonks House
(Where Harry meets Ted and Andromeda Tonks, and must get here to catch the Portkey that will take them to the Burrow.)

The Tales of Beedle the Bard
(Book left by Dumbledore to Hermione in his will. It has hidden clues only she can understand.)

The Tale of the Three Brothers
(The story that gives Harry the clues he needs to solve the mystery of the Hallows.)

U: Undesirable Number One
(New name given to Harry Potter by the Ministry. He went from Chosen to Undesirable 😉 )

V: Victorie Weasley
(Bill and Fleur’s oldest daughter. She is mentioned kissing Teddy in the epilogue while Harry takes his kids to king’s Cross.)

W: Wedding
(Bill and Fleur finally get married, but the wedding is crashed by Death Eaters looking for Harry. Another married couple is also Lupin and Tonks.)

X: Xenophilius Lovegood
(The Editor of The Quibbler and Luna’s father. Turns Harry over to the Death Eaters in exchange for Luna when Harry comes to him for help)

Y: Yaxley
(One of Voldemort’s worst Death Eaters. He is as evil as Bellatrix and won’t stop for nothing to catch Harry.)

Z: Zero
(It would have been good to have zero deaths at all from the good side in this book. 🙁 )

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