2 star rating
Hard to Hold on To
Hard Ink, Book #2.5
By Laura Kaye
ISBN# 9780062339409
Author’s Website:  http://laurakayeauthor.com/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

hard-to-hold-on-to-hard-ink-laura-kayeThey did it!  They guys at Hard Ink succeeded in their mission to save Sara’s sister, Jenna, from the clutches of Sara’s ex and the horrors of the Church gang!  Easy can’t believe how close they had been to losing her, if only he had stayed with her to keep her safe.  But nobody expected Bruno to be so ruthless once he found out about Sara’s betrayal.  Now Jenna is traumatized and banged up, but she’s alive!!  But Easy is the only person that makes her feel safe, so it’s his duty to help her through this.  Right?

I don’t really know what to think of Easy and Jenna as a couple.  The attraction was there from the previous book in the series, Hard as you Can, and has carried over to this book as well.  They both have ugly pasts to fight and it makes sense for them to heal together.

I also found it strange how much time Easy and Jenna had to themselves.  If she had been my sister who had been kidnapped, I wouldn’t want to leave her for a moment, and would be driving her nuts!!  But Sara seems fine to let Easy deal with her instead…

This book also broaches the subject of suicide, and was the most emotional part of the whole story.  It was good seeing how everyone came together to help a friend in crisis, and to show others out there with the same suicidal tendencies just how important it is to lean on friends to help you though to the other side.

This book was just an okay read to me.  I wanted to like it more, but with the abrupt ending, it just felt incomplete to me, like there was more story to tell.  More about this romance.  More about the Church gang.  More about the mission to clear these discharged men’s names.  This book did not advance the storyline on either of those last two points at all and just felt like fluffy filler.  It felt like they jumped off the roller coaster from the last book, to go on a Sunday drive in this one, when there were many more thrill rides to experience back in that amusement park!!

I’d have been much happier if this had been a full-length novel that did broach Church and the mission to clear their names once and for all!