Happy Maker’s Day

Brought to you by OBS staff member Heidi

Maker’s Day sounds like a made-up holiday fabricated by greeting card companies to make more money… if vampires were the types to send greeting cards, which I suspect they probably aren’t, in which case never mind. It must be the real deal. In fact, HBO has it scheduled for June 10th, which just so happens to be the same day True Blood returns.

With less than a week to go before True Blood returns for Season 5, I’m at the point where I don’t really want to see any more footage from the premiere until it airs. Maybe I’m in the minority there, but with that said, I love this new teaser. Much like the previously released tearful “Don’t cry, it’s back” teaser, this one looks back at previous seasons of the series and in this case, has fun with the idea of being a “maker.” (Cinemablend)

I definitely think Hallmark would have gotten behind “National Maker’s Day” if they had thought of it sooner!!  Anything to make an extra buck or two.  I’m sure there are some Trubies out there that would celebrate it….but I will settle for celebrating it by watching my favorite viking vampire and all of the other interesting characters that populate Bon Temps and Shreveport and hope somebody cute gets naked (hint hint, Eric, Alcide,…come on take one for the team!)!!

I agree with the author of the cinemablend article…I really don’t want to see any more clips from season 5.  I’m worried that they’ve shown us the best they have to offer and I’ll be bored.  But I’m sure they will prove that line of thinking wrong, as they always do.

Who is your favorite maker?  And if someone else has to become a maker, who would you like it to be?  I think for me Eric is my favorite maker although I did love True Blood Godric (not so much book Godric).  As for who I’d like to see become a maker it would be Pam.  Bill is too boring and was a lousy maker with Jess, Eric already is a maker and I don’t want him to spread the love any further, and Jessica is too immature although I could totally see her turning Jason and he’d be stupid enough to let her!

And who is my maker (the one that got you hooked on True Blood)?  I don’t really have one unless you count Charlaine Harris for writing the books that got me watching the show, but I totally am my husband’s maker (insert evil fangy grin here!)