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The wheels are set in motion for a sequel to last year’s superhero dramedy ‘Hancock’. Director Peter Berg is set to return, and told MTV that stars Will Smith and Charlize Theron would reprise their roles. Considering it’s massive box-office success, the filmmakers were took their time to find a compelling way to continue the story, finishing an outline at the beginning of this summer.

Will Smith will be consulting on the continuing story of his character, the powerful John Hancock. The two new writers who have been hired to pen the script are Adam Fierro and Glen Mazzara, who have written for dramatic shows like ‘The Shield’ and ‘Dexter’.

…both Smith and Theron’s characters are immortal gods who become vulnerable when near each other.
While picking up after the events of the first film, Hancock 2 will delve deep into the origin story that will reveal the connection between the immortal god/superheroes played by Smith and Theron and how they came to be living in modern day Los Angeles.

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Hancock 2 – not that bad. I liked the first movie. So what do you think of a Will Smith and Charlize Theron coming back for Hancock 2? What do you think of doing a second movie?