OBS owner/reviewer Dawn had the opportunity to interview once again author H.K. Savage! This time with her latest book ‘The Path’, where they chat about the inspiration behind the story, types of witches, her characters, upcoming series, bad reviews, fun facts and more. Enjoy!

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Dawn: What was the inspiration behind The Path?

H.K. Savage: I think magic is a fun subject to read about but often not done well. There’s a fine line between giving the reader enough information to understand your world and the magical systems within it, and turning the book into an instruction manual. Mostly I write the books I want to read that aren’t available. Of course after I wrote this one Deb Harkness’s Discovery of Witches came out and I thought that was great fun. Maybe I wouldn’t have written mine if I’d read hers first. Nah, I would have had to get it out.

Dawn: How did you come up with the different types of witches? i.e. chameleon, diviner, mixed-blood, watchers, water, earth, air, etc…

H.K. Savage: I liked giving samples of all of the different possibilities within the world of alternative spiritualities. Once I had the elemental powers covered and built the world of Veritas, the supporting cast and their roles all fell into place. It seemed pretty easy to bridge from a witch’s intrinsic energy, to those whose energies would read others’ or take on the characteristics of those around them. And Watchers and such just made sense and lend to that whole “alternate reality” feel I love so much. It makes it feel plausible.

Dawn: Pritchard is a seriously sick man. He used fear mongering and religion to manipulate to further himself. It’s often mirrored in our political system. What kind of message did you want to portray with his “church” and behavior?

H.K. Savage: That one was a bit ticklish. Obviously people’s faith/spirituality is hugely personal and important to them. I don’t like to make fun or call anyone’s wrong. However, it is because our spirituality is so personal that it can be used to manipulate us. To me, that is one of the scariest possibilities of dogma. If the right person comes along and is charismatic, sticks to the doctrines relatively closely, and then throws in his/her own little twist, like fear mongering, it’s not too hard to believe they can lead people astray. Look at Jim Jones, Waco, Charles Manson, even some past dictators. A lot of evil is possible just a few steps outside of right.

Dawn: Brandon evokes anger and sympathy. I hope to see him take his 2nd chance and use it well. We don’t really know him other than when he was controlled by Pritchard. Will we learn more about him in the next book?

H.K. Savage: Brandon is my biggest challenge in book 2. I’m stuck right now and have taken a little break to get to know him. How would he feel having been allowed to live and now having to deal with the fallout of his mistakes? That would be pretty devastating. I would think he’s going to want to redeem himself or maybe he won’t think he’s worth it. I’m not sure.

Dawn: I like Julie and Quan. Might there be a romance in the future?

H.K. Savage: Not between them. I am opening Quan up though. He’s kind of that crank we get to know and love and I’m going further into his story and personality in the next book. Same with Julia. She’s maybe going to find someone though. We’ll see. She was considering maybe some retirement/teaching options at the end of book 1 so maybe she’s thinking of settling down now that she knows Cassie will be okay. I’m going to have to see how it comes out.

Dawn: What can we expect in the next book in the series? When will it be coming out?

H.K. Savage: I’ve highlighted some of the big stuff above but there’s a complication that’s been tossed into Cassie and Drew’s relationship. Veritas doesn’t always care about who it hurts when there’s a mission on the line. And Drew has a certain skill set that makes him valuable to the organization; even if he doesn’t think he’s ready. The hard part is when he has to start keeping secrets from his girlfriend. She’s an investigator for pete’s sake.

Dawn: Have you ever had writer’s block? If so, how do you get past it?

H.K. Savage: Of course! Sometimes it’s because I’m absolutely spent. Launching a business, a rigorous writing schedule, family and summer vacation are huge energy drains. I love each of them but they can get overwhelming. When I need to refill the coffers I get out my trusty music and tennies. Some long walks with a particular playlist always gets me in the right place. Then, even if I can’t get more than a line or two, I make myself sit down at my computer for a few hours a day. Reading the last page I wrote can help too if things are having trouble getting started.

Dawn: How do you handle a negative reviews?

H.K. Savage: They’re so hard. I used to read all of my reviews, even checking Amazon and B&N daily. I have to say I don’t look anymore. When a reviewer sends me a review, I read it. Fortunately, none of those has come in “bad” thus far. Try as I might to say it’s all a matter of opinion it still hurts. You know, there aren’t many other professions or even hobbies where we put a part of our heart out there and ask for opinions. It feels like someone called my baby ugly if they don’t like a book. But, if one gets me down, I go in and read a few good ones. Fortunately for my fragile ego there are currently more of the one than the other thus far.

Fun stuff:

Dawn: What is your favorite supernatural creature to write about?

H.K. Savage: Vampires! Hands down, vampires. That’s why I’m going back to them in my new series coming out this fall with the first book, Second Sight, in November.

Dawn: What is your favorite supernatural movie or TV series?

H.K. Savage: Hmmm, I’m not sure. In a show I might have to say Eric Northman. Not my favorite in the books but wow is he uber great in the show. Not just the looks, he’s a more intriguing character in the show and I like him. He’s balancing business, politics, patriarchal duties, and an allergy to sunlight all while trying to seduce his neighbor’s woman. He’s even busier than me.

Dawn: Who is your favorite male or female actor/actress?

H.K. Savage: Not a huge tv fan but I have to say I have a thing for Jason Statham. I know, but he’s just fantastic in his movies. He’s the tough but sensitive guy and he’s in wonderful shape. Fun to listen to, watch and I usually like his stuff. Except Crank 2, but everybody gets a stinker.


Thank you to author H.K. Savage for another amazing interview!