Grilling the Subject

Cookbook Nook Mystery, Book #5

By Daryl Wood Gerber

ISBN13: 9780425279410

Author website:

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Things heat up for bookstore owner Jenna Hart in the latest Cookbook Nook mystery from the Agatha Award-winning author of Fudging the Books.

As the Wild West Extravaganza rides into Crystal Cove, California, Cookbook Nook store owner Jenna Hart is ready to indulge her appetite for grilled and barbecued treats and maybe even try the Texas skip. But when the body of one of her father’s neighbors is found the next morning smoldering in a bonfire, the rodeo revelry is extinguished.

Sylvia Gump had acquired plenty of enemies with her practice of illegally encroaching on her neighbors’ properties—including Jenna’s dad, who was off fishing by himself and has no alibi for the murder. Now it’s up to Cary Hart’s dutiful daughter to clear his name before the real killer turns up the heat and rakes someone else over the coals…


Daryl Wood Gerber has another hit on her hands. Grilling the Subject is jam packed with suspects, shocking surprises and loads of cowboy fun. Crystal Cove, California is hosting the Wild West Extravaganza and things are about to get wild. Jenna Hart and her friends are ready to put on their spurs, practice their yeehaws and enjoy some serious grilled and barbecued treats. Before the festival starts though, it seems there is some trouble brewing in Jenna’s dad’s picturesque neighborhood. Sylvia Gump’s encroaching on Cary (Jenna’s dad) and the others and that is not even the half of it. Realtor Ava is trying to rally the troops to put a stop to it and Cary is all for it. Someone however puts a stop to Sylvia all together with. Unfortunately, Cary is a suspect and he does not have any witnesses to his alibi.

Even though Jenna has no desire to get involved in the murder investigation, she does not see much progress from Cinnamon and the Crystal Cove police force. What’s a daughter to do? Sylvia was not well liked so there are suspects aplenty. Add in affairs, possible blackmail and more and Jenna is faced with more questions than answers. Jenna also thinks someone is following her. Is she just imagining things? Fires are not limited to the grills either Things get scary and heated and the suspect list is still full. Sylvia’s personality definitely did not make her any friends, at least not any female ones.

Aunt Vera does a tarot card reading on Jenna, whether she wanted it or not. Let me just say, Vera is good. A real shocker comes in play and turns Jenna’s life on end. No spoilers here, but hang on to your cowboy hats. That just complicates matters for Jenna in her hunt to prove her dad’s innocence. The suspect list seems to grow instead of getting shorter the more she learns about the deceased and her life.

I was well and truly shocked by some things in the latest installment of “Cookbook Nook Mysteries”. Grilling the Subject is as enjoyable as a deliciously marinated and well grilled steak. Hot off the grill, this read is fun, fast paced and full to the brim with enjoyment. I love the characters and the friendships. The story is exceptionally well written and the mystery kept me guessing. I do not think you have to read the others in this series to enjoy this one, but read them too. They are all wonderful. I would recommend this cozy to any foodies and lovers of a fun mystery. Jenna is a great protagonist and her family and friends are always entertaining. Sink your teeth into Grilling the Subject and be ready for a spicy treat!

*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review as part of their ongoing blog tour*