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This movie looks like it’s gonna be a good film. In this first film clip we have a first look at what the alien creature will look like in the film, and it looks pretty interesting. I was wondering what it would be attacking these people, and it is different from what I expected, but I like it.

Plot summary: Two crewmen awaken from hyper-sleep aboard a spacecraft. None of their equipment is working, and their memories are incomplete. What was their mission? How much time has passed? Where are they? Who are they? As they try to piece things together – tribal warriors carrying crudely made weapons – are moving among them, intent on killing all aboard. As the space travelers unravel the frightening and deadly secrets the ship harbors, they realize the survival of mankind hinges on their actions. They must regain control of the ship before ‘Pandorum’ takes over.
The film comes out on September 18th.

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So – what do you think about this new trailer? And the movie – do you want to check it out in September when it’s in cinemas?