Going Deep

Alpha Ops, Book #5

By Anne Calhoun

ISBN# 9781250084620

Author’s Website:  http://www.annecalhoun.com/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

going-deep-alpha-ops-anne-calhounCady Ward, or Maud as her beloved fans know her, just finished her big tour.  She’s glad to be back home in Lancaster and can’t wait to relax in her new house! However, with recent threats from fans and internet trolls alike, her manager has decided she needs protection.  He looks no further than Lancaster’s finest, the LPD (Lancaster Police Department).

Officer Conn McCormick worked security detail at Maud’s homecoming concert, the finale to her tour.  He even helped get rid of a crazed drunk fan professing his love for the gorgeous singer!  So imagine his surprise when the bombshell walks into the station and her manager demands police protection.  Conn has just been wrongly accused of beating up a prisoner in custody and his lieutenant wants him out of sight while he investigates the matter.  So putting him on bodyguard duty is the perfect solution.

Neither Conn nor Cady is too excited with the new arrangement that has Conn living in her house and being with her every second of the day, but they make the best of it.  But the two can’t deny their mutual attraction for long.  A fling never hurt anybody right?

Soon things start disappearing at Cady’s house making it clear someone has been there and it’s up to Conn to figure out who.  Not to mention he can’t leave his own troubles in someone else’s hands and starts to secretly investigate that as well.  But will the truth set them free or just cause even more problems?

This book was okay, although I found it a bit dull.  I felt there was a whole lot of nothing going on for way too long.  I’m also not so sure about Conn’s body man skills …. leaving Cady by herself at the racetrack so he can try to beat his dad’s record.  How was he going to explain that if something had happened to her?

I thought both Conn and Cady were okay characters, but I just didn’t feel much of a spark between them.  However, this story has a nice feel-good ending that did improve my overall impression of the book.

*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*