Title: Go Skinny Dipping

Series: Single Wide Female: The Bucket List

By:  Lillianna Blake


Author’s Website: http://lilliannablake.com/ 

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Not a chance – no way, nada. Under no circumstances am I going skinny dipping. Some things should never be seen in public. 

But then that Inner Voice starts nagging about “what’s the point of a bucket list if it doesn’t involve risk?” Well, excuse me Inner-Voice, I’m quite aware of that, but it’s not you that has to live with the consequences. Oh, the shame, the embarrassment…

And what if someone mis-identifies me and I get harpooned. You won’t be feeling so clever then, will you, Inner Voice? I’ve just told you – we’re not doing it and that’s it. I am strong-willed, and you can’t make me, Inner Voice. Just stop and…

I think me and Inner Voice need to have a little talk. (Goodreads)


As I continue on my reading journey of the Single Wide Female: The Bucket List, I am finding that I certainly enjoy this journey that Sam is on. To make a bucket list and work through it is, in my mind, a brave endeavour. This next adventure is certainly one that Sam is apprehensive about:

So far I had not regretted a single adventure, but this next item on my bucket list-it was challenging. Usually the things on my list were things that were a little outside my comfort zone, but not too terribly terrifying. But this time, I was more than a little nervous.”

And this apprehension is not without merit for the bucket list item is to skinny dip! I am pretty confident that I would never put that on my bucket list.

Sam is looking for more adventure. At a very opportune time, a flier is shoved under her door. It is an advertisement for a meet-up group. A group of adults looking to explore and have adventures, such as Parasailing, bowling, extreme biking, to name but a few items on the groups list of activities. This of course intrigues Sam and as she is in the frame of mind to put herself out there and make new friends, she decides that she will attend the meeting.

I found it interesting that Sam views skinny-dipping as a right of passage:

It’s a right of passage,” I muttered in an attempt to convince myself. “Almost everyone has done it at least once.”

Obviously, we have very different friends. But regardless, an interesting choice. What I loved was that she set a goal, and did everything in her power to achieve that goal. I also enjoyed the humour that is sprinkled throughout all of these stories: 

I was sure that I had to plan ahead for this one. I couldn’t just show up at a public pool and dive in without anything on. Well, I could, if I wanted to be arrested-which was NOT on the list.”

I was not surprised when the new adventure club appeared to be people also looking for adventure and their ideas of adventure were not actually that wild or exciting – no wonder they jumped at Sam’s next bucket list item.

In this story, it was also the time when Sam had to realize that maybe Max would always just be her best friend Max and not her boyfriend Max. It was tough having her see Max with her new friend Stephanie. My heart certainly went out to her. There were some difficult conversations between Max and Sam that were definitely needed. I just hope that someday they both realize that they both want each other – but of course, that would mean that both have to realize that within themselves first.

The introductory meeting to the adventure group for Sam was enlightening and funny. What an eclectic group of adventurers. Soon the group decides that skinny dipping will be their next adventure. All I have to say is that definitely kept me chuckling. And what hutzpah Sam has…well and the rest of the adventure group as well.  Just remember, towels are always good when swimming.

I also am drawn into the emerging relationship between Sam and Blue – her supporter on Sam’s blog.  I have a thought on who that might be, but I will need to keep reading to see if my suspicion is correct. 

Another fine installment of Single Wide Female: The Bucket List. I cannot wait to pick up the next installment – Start Online Dating.