a bulletin by Raelynn Coombs on Memphis Vampire Examiner

‘Twilight in Forks – The Saga of the Real Town’ is a new documentary – produced by York Baur and directed by Jason Brown – to be released October 15th about the once secluded town in Washington state.

Made popular by Stephenie Meyer’s ‘Twilight’ saga, Forks, Washington now attracts crowds of tourists year round. Find out from the people who live in the town if vampires and werewolves really do wander the streets and meet the Bella and Alice look a likes.

About the Producers
Jason Brown is executive vice president of Heckelsville Media. With three Emmy Awards, as well as multiple Clios, Tellies and Soundies, Jason’s work has been seen by millions of fans on TV, in theaters and in corporate settings around the world.
York Baur is president of Heckelsville Media. His personal connection to the ‘Twilight’ phenomenon comes from the summer cabin his family built near Forks, Washington in the 1960s, which he still owns. As an avid outdoors lover, York grew up hiking in the ancient forests of Olympic National Park, and has a deep respect for both the forest and the hearty people who make their living in it.

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Well, this seems to be interesting – to get more info about the real world of Forks,Washington. What do you think – is it a good idea  to do this documentary? Will you buy the DVD?