Glamour Girl

West Coast Girlz, Book #2

By Sandra Edwards

ISBN: 9781452456256

Author’s Website:

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Glamour-GirlRosanna Carmichael’s career is one of glitz and glamour. She’s a photographer to the stars and the privileged. It’s her personal life that’s the problem. She just can’t seem to land a decent date. After getting fed up and swearing off new dates, she agrees to do a photo shoot for the wealthy recluse Gavin Elliot–a man who’s openly gay–where she thinks she’ll be safe from further disappointing entanglements. As it turns out, that couldn’t be further from the truth.


In the opening chapter…I could SO relate to Rosanna’s dilemma. Bad blind dates surely do suck. So when Rosanna has a blind date with Pete and he proceeds to tell her that should they continue, she will not be able to spend her hard earned money on nice dresses, like the one she is wearing, Rosanna walks out. All I can say is…way to go sister!

So now Rosanna has sworn off blind dates and throws herself into her work. A pretty standard response when a successful, professional gal gets tired of the dating scene. So at her next shoot, with the reclusive and openly gay entrepreneur, Gavin, she tackles her work assignment with the belief that thinking about men in a romantic way is out of the question. In walks Jase…Gavin’s significant other…or so Rosanna assumes.

Jase and Rosanna have chemistry and this is perplexing to Rosanna as she assumes Jase is Gavin’s paramour. After almost getting the photoshoot off the tracks, Jase arrives at Rosanna’s hotel to apologize for Gavin…then they go out for dinner and sparks ignite. But wait…Rosanna is confused as she definitely does not want feelings for Gavin’s significant other.

The storyline is predictable, but told in an easy to read way, engaging this reader to continue on until all is revealed. A quick, enjoyable, engaging novella.