Give Me a Reason

Redemption Hills, Book #1

By A.L. Jackson

ISBN# 9781946420541

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Eden’s dad is in trouble.  Her sister stole all the money he had from both his personal and business accounts and disappeared … again.  Now they are facing foreclosure if they don’t come up with the funds quick.  Eden will do anything she can to keep the school they run going.  So, she does the only thing she can; applies to work at a raucous night club, Absolution.  She just has to convince the owner, who feels she doesn’t belong that she can handle it.

Trent knew Eden was trouble from the first moment he saw her.  She waited at the club for hours for her interview and refused to take no for an answer.  He had no choice, but to give her a chance.  With someone as beautiful and pure as Eden, Trent couldn’t help, but crave a taste.  But his hands are blood stained from his past and he knows he doesn’t deserve to feast his eyes on her let alone touch her.

“Heaven. It’d be Heaven, gettin’ you for one minute while on my way to Hell.”

Perfectly damaged Trent has been living his life for the past five years for one reason …. his son, Gage.  Imagine his surprise when he finds out the teacher his son can’t stop talking about is none other than the little temptress at his club, Eden.

And, when Trent’s bloody past comes calling and threatens everything he loves, he will stop at nothing to protect Gage, his brothers, and … Eden.  But will it be enough?  Or will he fail once again?

This was a decent read and it gave me major Sons of Anarchy vibes, which I always enjoy.

Trent was your typical bad boy trying to get away from his sordid past and try to live for his son.  He and his brothers have raised Gage together and have done an amazing job.  However, his brothers wish he’d let himself have some joy in his life and quit punishing himself for the things he can’t change.

Eden is a pastor’s daughter whose heart has been lost since her husband died in a car accident years ago.  But one touch from Trent is all it needed to get a jump-start back to life.

This was a good read and it had some twists that I didn’t see coming, which was a surprise to me as you just don’t see that many twists in this genre.  As expected, in a single parent romance, Gage was one of the highlights of the book. 

“Yup, Uncle Logan said my dad finally got some so he doesn’t have to be such a d-i-c-k, anymore. What’d he get, anyway, Uncle?” The question twisted Gage’s brow into a knot as he tipped his head back to look up as his uncle who’d moved to stand behind him. Trent’s brother was suppressing laughter as he pressed his lips to Gage’s forehead.

“Seems he got something really special.”

I appreciated the work the author put into this one and I would very much like to read Logan and Jud’s stories too.