Vampires are the new hip thing in Hollywood, it has become a growing trend, with the ‘Twilight’ films, ‘True Blood’ , ‘Vampire Diaries’ and several other vampire projects on the horizon, we have lots of Vampire enertainment to look forward to.

Now word has broke that Anne Rice’s ‘The Vampire Chronicles’ are making their way back to the big screen. This series tells the tale of the vampire Lestat Du Lioncort. Nothing has been said on how the franchise will be tackled this time around, but it has been confirmed that Robert Downey Jr. is looking to get into the Vampire movie business by replacing Tom Cruise as Lestat in the series. Cruise played the character back in 1994. Robert Downey Jr. is in close talks with Universal Pictures to take on the role.


What do you think – has Robert Downey jr. time to take a whole new franchise? Is he perfect for playing Lestat or has he to look much younger? And do you like to see the whole series (there are 9 books) on the big-screen? I’m very curious about this will end.