Frosty the Dead Man

Snow Globe Shop Mystery, Book #3

By Christine Husom

ISBN13: 9780425270820

Author website:

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A snow globe becomes a murder weapon in the latest cozy mystery from the national bestselling author of Snow Way Out and The Iced Princess.

Mayor Lewis Frost has always been known as Frosty to his friends—not that he has many these days. Controversies swirling around the city council have members wondering if Frosty is trying to snow them. After one councilman storms off in a huff, the mayor turns to curio shop manager Camryn Brooks and asks her to consider taking a seat on the council.

Later, when Cami goes to his office to discuss the proposal, her blood runs cold. She finds Frosty dead, and the very snow globe she sold him earlier that day lies in sparkling shards on his carpet—along with a large diamond. Does the snow globe—which features a peculiar tableau of an armed man and three menacing bears—hold a clue to Frosty’s demise? One way or another, it’s up to Cami to shake things up before the killer’s trail goes cold…


Frosty the Dead Man is the third book in this fun cozy mystery series. I had a hard time when I first heard of this series envisioning a store that sold snow globes. Well, author Christine Husom not only pulled it off, but this installment is the best yet. What a quaint and enjoyable town Brooks Landing is and I for one, love visiting it. Camryn Books runs an adorable snow globe store and she is one fun and fabulous main character. Along with her friends and family, Camryn is once again tangled up in a murder. And once again she is able to sift through the clues and find the killer.

When Mayor Lewis Frost, known as Frosty, stops by and asks Camryn to consider becoming a member of the city council, she is a bit shocked. Yet after another councilman had just stormed off, maybe it should not come be that much of a surprise.  Camryn has to think about Frosty’s offer and talk it over with her friends. When she goes to talk to him at his office she not only finds Frosty dead, murdered, but it looks like the murder weapon is a snow globe he was actually interested in when he was in her shop. And if that is not bad enough, there is a huge diamond on the floor as well. Why are people interested in this odd snow globe she has gotten in, with three bears and a man with a gun? What is going on that so many people would want that one, when she has so many other wonderful ones.

Intrigue, shady people, questions, politics, and snow globes, what a combination. I love the characters populated this fictional town. Each book in this series is better than the last. A bit more suspense in the one, but I was able to figure out a few things before Camryn. I did not have it all figured out though and enjoyed getting all the answers along with her. Pinky is a great friend and the duo run a fun combined store. I enjoyed the addition of a few more new characters and the store atmosphere leaves things open for strangers to come into the story without things seeming odd.

Frosty the Dead Man is the most exciting and intriguing in this wonderful series. Definitely the best yet. No matter the season, stopping by Camryn’s snow globe store is a treat. Camryn has to shake things up and see where they fall and she does it so well. Author Christine Husom has written another sparkling cozy that shines no matter what time of year you read it. You do not have to read this series in order as they all work as standalone reads, but they are all worth the time. And it will be a pleasure for sure. I cannot wait for the next installment of this fantastic series.

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