Women of the Otherworld #10

By Kelley Armstrong

ISBN# 9781841497761

Author’s Website:

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

frostbittenElena and Clay are back in the 10th installment of the Women of the Otherworld series by Kelley Armstrong!  I was so excited to get back to a book about them, the couple that started it all in this series!

Jeremey has finally admitted that Elena is next in line to be Alpha, and everybody seems fine with it, except Elena!  She’s worried that it will change things between her and Clay.

That dynamic is put to the test when the couple is sent to Alaska on Pack business.  They are trying to find a mutt that has gotten mixed up with the wrong crowd to warn him of his dire future if he isn’t careful.  He has fled to Alaska to get away from Elena.  But also there have been reports of wolf kills that need investigating to see if it’s something that could affect the Pack.

But while in Alaska Elena and Clay discover so much more going on.  A pack of mutts that have decided that Alaska is their territory, and would like nothing more than to take over the North American Pack, starting by disposing of Elena!  They also discover a group of mythical shape shifters and have a reunion with a former Pack member that’s in way over his head!

I was so excited to get back to the werewolves in this book, especially Elena and Clay.  I loved seeing their relationship, and their … uh … friskiness, especially in the beginning of the novel, come to life!

“We lay there a moment, entwined around each other, panting. Then I lifted my head to look at the room. Two broken lamps. One ripped pillowcase. One damaged headboard. Not bad … Oh, shit. Was that a picture frame? Two picture frames. How the hell did we …?

I sighed.

“We’ll snag the bill before Jeremy sees it,” Clay said.

I sighed louder.

“Bigger room, darling. Like I said, we need a bigger room.”

But (and, isn’t there always one) I felt like there was just too much going on in this book at times.  When all the threads of the plot start working, it just seems that the book is bogged down with too much information, too much action and it starts to become dull.  How many beings can really be after Elena?  How many unknown mutts can be in one isolated area of the Alaskan wilderness?  Plenty apparently!!

It was nice to see how the Pack could be evolving with all the new blood coming into play though.  It was starting to look a bit bleak for a while with losses, but no new gains or signs of growth.  It looks like Elena may end up with a larger Pack then Jeremey ever had!

I won’t say that this book was bad, but it just wasn’t great and it just didn’t live up to my high expectations!