When two teenagers are murdered by shapeshifters from the alternate universe, the Fringe team is called in to handle the investigation. At the scene of the crime, the team discovers an unhatched pod that contains the lifeless embryo of a third shapeshifter.

The two live shapeshifters, now assuming the teenagers’ identities, meet with Newton in a camera shop, and inform him that the third member of their party didn’t survive.

In the lab, Walter inspects the shapeshifter embryo, and Olivia attempts to decode a strange radio signal that may have originated from the other side. Olivia pays a visit to Brandon at Massive Dynamic, who confirms her hypothesis and goes on to explain that the two universes’ timelines will be completely in sync within twenty-four hours.

In the typewriter shop, Newton gives the shapeshifters their orders. One of them questions whether their plan will work without a third shapeshifter, and Newton says that if it doesn’t work, his boss (known as “The Secretary”) will be very displeased. They part ways and begin setting the plan into motion.

Back at the lab, Peter has a revelation as to why Walter has been acting so strangely towards him. He finds an old family photo that Walter has been carrying around lately, and tells Olivia that he thinks Walter wants to come clean about the way his mother really died, which was a suicide.



This is the episode I have been waiting for since I found out Peter was from the alternate universe! Peter finally figured out where he was really from and from here on out we will see him deal with that emotionally. Do you think Peter will go back? And I think when he finds out that Olivia knew and did not tell him, he will probably be heart-broken. Another part of this episode that was pretty awesome was that the shapeshifter who did not survive the transition actually helped out the FBI in giving information on the other shapeshifters whereabouts and their plans to bring over the bridge from the alternate universe. This opens up doors of possibility for the coming war between universes.