This ‘Winter Finale’ episode started off in a Manhattan office where a man was gently walking with his coffee. A co-worker asked him if it was ‘real’ (strange already, I mean New York without coffee? It would probably implode!). The two experience a small quake and the lights flicker. The female informs him that she is from California so she is used to these ‘miniquakes’. She leaves him alone with his building plans when a larger quake erupts and the ceiling falls in. He awakes (after appearing to pass out) to find a large beam in his shoulder and looking down sees extra arms and legs attached to his body.

Olivia, Broyles, Peter, and Walter arrive in New York at the scene of the tremors. They look at the building and it appears that it broke and then was put back together. They learn that there are no survivors in the building and go to investigate. All of the dead bodies are mismatched and deformed. Walter has a theory that there was a quantum tectonic event that caused the molecules in everything at the scene to split apart then reassamble, causing the mismatching. FBI agents find the man from the beginning who is still alive. They ask him questions about what happened. He explained about the tremors which causes the FBI agents to pause because they did not hear of any tremors in NYC in the news. Walter has a theory and asks the man a series of questions that he answers correctly except for when asked what buldings were attached during 9/11, the man answeres the Pentagon and the White House. The man dies and a movement from his torso urges Walter to take a closer look. Under his shirt is another head of the man. Walter explains that they are standing in two buildings, one from each dimension.

Outside the crime scene building Olivia discovers that this event is exactly what William Bell described when she was in the other dimension. Newton was behind this incident and they had proof in a surveillance camera that has him and his crew posed as a work crew two hours before the incident. Back at the lab, Astrid and Walter are working on the double man body. Astrid cannot take working on the body so Walter has her look in his personal things to find objects that don’t belong. She finds Nixon’s face on a silver dollar and a figure of a double decker car. Walter realizes what will happen next. He calls Olivia and Peter back to explain that he and William tried experiments sending objects to the other universe and someone with the equal mass was sent back. He tells them that when something comes from the other universe there is an energy that is given to it and that energy will show right before an equal object is sent to the alternate one. He tells Olivia that she will be able to see this energy because she has seen it before.


This episode was what I’ve been anticipating since last season finale. The alternate universe was finally explained and the “war of the worlds” has begun to see which universe will survive. And we now have some movement in the Peter and Olivia relationship! And also the confirmation that Peter is not from this universe! I also enjoyed seeing more of the experimentation that took place on Olive and the other children in Jacksonville, and how Walter is now experiencing the consequences of his actions.

The preview for the rest of the season (starting April 1st) showed more on how Walter brought Peter from the alternate universe to their own. So stick around for more Fringe Recaps & Reviews in April!

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