This week’s episode started off at a wedding. Right before the ceremony we were being shown the wedding through the camera man’s viewer. We saw the bride talking to her future mother-in-law and the groom with his bachelor buddies. The groom was shown to be using an inhaler under the misapprehension that he was nervous. This was the first clue to all Fringe-viewers that something was going to happen. We went back into main hall where the ceremony was to take place. The grandmother of the groom was sitting in her chair and she noticed a man in the back of the room and she started walking toward him, pointing and repeating, “It is him”. She goes down along with half of the room appearing to suffocate.

Peter arrives on the scene with Walter in the driver’s seat, and after a crash landing they stroll to the crime scene talking about Walter’s wedding. Walter wonders aloud if ‘she’ will call her ‘Dad’. Peter asks who and Walter says, ‘Agent Dunham’. Peter laughs this off (a little too enthusiastically if I do say so). The trio investigates the crime scene and Walter remarks that these people appeared to suffocate in a room full of air. Also, Olivia states that the grandmother was a Holocaust survivor and the victims were direct blood decedents of her. Peter reasons that maybe those victims ate or drank something that could have caused this.

Olivia and Peter hear something in another room and open the door to find the groom gasping for breath holding his inhaler. He sadly suffocates as well.

Back in the lab, Walter is performing an autopsy and discovers blue blood coming from the victim, indicating that he was suffocated from the inside out because of something bonding with the hemoglobin in the blood .

At the scene, Olivia questions the daughter in-law of the grandmother and tells her that the grandmother was freaking out over a strange man before the incident. Olivia asks the woman to identify the man on the wedding video. Peter also determines that one of the supposed ‘lavender’ candles was ‘cinnamon’ and they may have found out how the toxin was delivered.

Walter recognizes the method behind the killings and narrows it down to Nazi research, only killing a select group of people, using the wedding as an experiment. He tells Olivia that this will happen again.

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This was a really cool episode. I was enthralled by the idea of this toxin only targeting certain groups. It was scary and fascinating at the same time. I also wondered what other things Walter was hiding in regards to Nazi experiments and why the killer in the photo looked exactly like the present killer. This could have indicated that he resembled his father greatly, or this man came from that dimension or this man was an ‘Observer’ type himself. We shall see! Tune in next week!!

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