This episode began with a courier walking into an office building. He jumped into the elevator with another man going to the same floor. As thy were leaving the cournier noticed the older man had a bloody nose and he didn’t look so hot. The man collapsed on the floor and the courier did CPR, after a few tries he said the man was dead. The ‘dead’ man’s veins were all visible and he emitted a bloody mist from his mouth into the office air.Olivia and Peter were the first on the scene to investigate this strange occurrence. They were questioning the witnesses when they noticed the courier man was missing. As Walter, Astrid, and Broyles approached the outside door they saw the courier trying to exit the building. Peter saw that the man had a bloody nose and he held the door shut. The courier’s veins protruded like the previous case and he collapsed, emitting the bloody mist from his mouth. Everyone inside the building was quarantined, including Olivia and Peter. The CDC arrived on scene to investigate. Walter barged into the CDC tent, got arrested, and had to be bailed out by Broyles so that he could get to his lab to start investigating the possible virus.


I really enjoyed this episode. It was more tense than other ones because the beloved Peter was involved and a lot of the resolutions came down to the last minutes in the episode. I also appreciated the fact that now someone else knows that Peter had died once before which ties into the ‘other universe’ theory of the show.

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