This episode got us back on track with Season Two! In the beginning we came across a police officer patrolling the streets when he sees a young child wandering late at night. He picks up the kid and drives him to the police station. On the way, he looks back at the kid and sees that the child has transformed into some mutated monster. At the police station, the other cops discuss the child as if they have heard of people like him before. All of a sudden, two other deformed men come in, kill the police officers, and take the child home. The Fringe team come to investigate the case because of the way the child looks. They are interested to find that in the files at the police department have been other cases in the past with these deformed people. When Olivia, Peter, and Walter leave for the day they are run off the road and into a ditch, a deformed man shoots at them. Peter ends up shooting the man, and he flees. While searching for him, Walter finds a rare, but beautiful butterfly which he takes home to Astrid, but they also find a dead man who they believe previously shot at them. Back at the lab, the butterfly seems to transform into a moth and the man transforms back to his deformed self. Walter recalls that he might have been a part of a military experiment called ‘Project Elephant’ which used electromagnetic pulses to disrupt the optic nerve so that soldiers could be invisible in combat. These pulses had a side effect that made the children of the test subjects deformed. Walter determined that the ‘hum’ of Edina (the town in which the deformed people lived) were the same pulses that made the people look normal to anyone who came into town. Walter and Astrid found the source of the pulses and turned it off, making all the townspeople appear as they really are. Agent Broyles comes to Edina and Walter begs him to not expose their secret because they are innocent people who are just trying to live normal lives. Agent Broyles agrees and the people of Edina are left alone (after Olivia eliminates the offending parties who killed the cops in the beginning).

This was a great kick off of the continuation of Season Two. We did not go forward in any time travel instances, but this episode showed the healing that Walter is overcoming since his kidnapping. In the beginning of the episode it was stated that getting back to work can cure many things, and that is what Walter did. It was also sad to see how bad Walter felt in being a part of this experiment and seeing what harm it caused these people. This was also a great episode for Astrid, she saw more action then other episodes when she is stuck in the lab. Fringe is back!! And always leaving me wanting more, check back next week for another new review!!

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