There was much confusion and buzz around this episode while it aired on January 12, 2010, when the return of Charlie stopped Fringe watchers in their tracks. But no fear, the evil Charlie shall not return, yet. The episode, “Unearthed” was a never-before aired episode from Season One, so technically it was the first ‘new’ Fringe episode of 2010. Season Two will continue with new episodes on Thursday, January 14th.

This episode revolved around a girl, Lisa, who mysteriously woke from a coma speaking Russian, which she has never spoken before. We soon learn that she has ‘connected’ somehow with a dead solider, Rusk, who was mysteriously murdered a few days prior at the exact moment the girl fell into the coma. Walter figures out that she is possessed with the spirit of this soldier and comes up with an idea to scientifically give her an exorcism. After waking this solider from the girl’s body, Rusk gives information about his killer. Olivia investigates this new lead while Lisa, as Rusk, alludes her captors to find and kill his wife who hired his murderer. Peter finds Lisa in Rusk’s home about to kill his wife when Peter talks Lisa “out” into her own body giving Charlie enough time to take “Rusk” out. Lisa is cured from Rusks possession as it seems that he crossed over when his “mission” was interrupted. After the seemingly happy ending, a scene of a car crash shows a man “awakening” speaking Russian.

After finding out that this was a ‘new’ episode from Season One I was able to relax and enjoy this ‘extra’ episode. Although it made me miss Charlie’s character dearly. Since it was just a ‘middle’ episode from Season One without any big conclusions it kept my interest but I could have done without seeing it at this point. One particular side-story I enjoyed was the crush that Lisa had on Peter, and him confessing that Olivia and him were not an item, and the Lisa telling Olivia that she should strike while the iron is hot. I really enjoy the tension between Olivia and Peter in the hopes of them becoming a sci-fi, crime investigating couple, but who knows with J.J. Abrams in the driver seat?

 Although this was a nice treat, I am looking forward to the continuation of Season 2 on Thursday.

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